P384 ORACLE 384 Fri25 Dec ITV 2000:10 *   *  * 4/4 *  *  *  Rather than help yourself to more turkey,you could volunteer to help others and have a very different kind of Christmas day.Any local authority Social Services will put you in contact with hardship cases who need help or company.eg.old people & meals on wheels CRISIS AT CHRISTMAS needs volunteers to help with their "Open Christmas".They expect 500 homeless or lonely people to stay from 23-29 Dec. & 1200 for Xmas lunch. You can help by sorting clothes, serving food and cleaning up afterwards Tel:01-834 3006 or call at 85 Carlisle Place,London SW1. THE SALVATION ARMY also need helpers for their Xmas lunch at 275 Oxford St. London W1.Tel:629 2766 or turn up at 11.00am Christmas day.
P384 ORACLE 384 Fri25 Dec ITV 2000:40 *   *  * 1/4 *  *  *  If you can't face another Christmas of eating & drinking yourself silly, here are some ideas for spending the day: GO TO A HEALTH FARM: Many will stay open throughout the season of good cheer,offering saunas & strict diets! e.g.Frimleys,The Hall,Thornby,Northants From:£21 a day. Tel: 0604-740001 RENT CONCORDE and throw a party.For a mere £100,000 (approx),British Airways will take you and 99 friends for a 4hr. trip across the Atlantic and supply as much food and drink as you can consume. CATCH THE NEXT FLIGHT TO JAPAN: Xmas day is not a national holiday or a religious festival in Japan, so every- thing stays open. It's great for those who hate the Christmas closedown!  more follows >
P384 ORACLE 384 Fri25 Dec ITV 2001:31 *   *  * 3/4 *  *  *  If you want to get away from it all this Christmas,you've left it too late to book a package holiday,but you may be lucky and catch a cancellation.See Standby on page 166. If you had booked in May,you could have gone on the Fred Olsen Christmas Cruise to Madeira & the Canaries (for £630). If you'd decided in Sept.you could have spent 7 days on the sunny shores of Gambia (approx £300) or spent a week skiing in the French Alps (approx.£200) BUT there are always the delights of wintry England to savour. The National Trust rent out holiday cottages in the West Country, so if you fancy a traditional rural setting for your festivities, tel:Bodmin (0208) 3880.  more follows >
P384 ORACLE 384 Fri25 Dec ITV 2001:11 *   *  * 2/4 *  *  *  Various religious centres offer house parties or retreats for the committed, AND for those who just want to do some- thing different. THE LONDON BUDDHIST CENTRE holds a retreat at St.Peter's School,near Seaford,Sussex from 23 Dec.- 2 Jan. For £8.50 a day,they provide lectures, vegetarian food, yoga & meditation sessions and free time.Tel:01-981 1225. CHURCH OF ENGLAND DIOCESAN RETREATS have house parties over Chirstmas.These are church-orientated but the accent is is on enjoying yourself.e.g.Wydale Hall near Brompton-on-Sawdon,Scarborough. Tel:0723 85270. Cost £15+VAT.Mr.Rivet, the Warden,can also tell you about other house parties that have vacancies  more follows >