P383 ORACLE 383 Fri25 Dec ITV 2000:40  6/6           CHRISTMAS PAST AND PRESENT I loved Christmas when my children had woken up early on Christmas morning & I was needed to play toys with them. Alas they have all grown up and married and I am now 50 but I am starting my Christmas joys & happiness again with my 7 grand-childrenN The only trouble is they are smarter than me with their toys as now they are all electronic. So times do change. From: RAYMOND JONES, NEWPORT, GWENT
P383 ORACLE 383 Fri25 Dec ITV 2000:40  4/6           Christmas to me means giving! The same doesn't seem to apply to the unredeemed Scrooge on your staff who ordained that ORACLE Christmas greet- ings should bring you money. Perhaps it's because of this miserly & uncharitable attitude that you're still soliciting greetings,whereas CEEFAX has been showing on average 50+ a day for the past week. God bless us everyone - at £3.50 a line (or much more over Christmas itself)! From: BRIAN BROOKS, BIRMINGHAM
P383 ORACLE 383 Fri25 Dec ITV 2001:11  3/6           Last Christmas we went sledging with some friends,when I got there, I was so excited that I jumped in the sledge,be- fore I knew it I was heading for a tree CRASH! Soon afterwards the mean old lady who owned the field sent us home G OAN At home I was sitting by the fire, warming up when the Christmas tree almost fell out but luckily only hit my legs. PHEW! From: BETHANY CRAWFORD,TADWORTH,SURREY
P383 ORACLE 383 Fri25 Dec ITV 2000:10  1/6             On the following pages we  bring you a selection of  your letters on your thoughts  about Christmas.  If you want to air a view  on any subject, not necessarily  about ORACLE write to us at:-   A WORD IN YOUR EYE  ORACLE, LONDON SE996YW    The star letter each week wins FIVE POUNDS
P383 ORACLE 383 Fri25 Dec ITV 2001:04  5/6           Christmas to me is a bit of a funny time. It seems to not have the festive atmosphere like it used to have. You walk out only to get pelted with snow- balls by a pack of black-leathered- jacketed youths. Nowadays there is no co-operation be- tween people. At a car park people are fighting over parking spaces. Fists be- ing waved in the air at each other. Perhaps a little more co-operation would help. From: JOHN ANDERSON (12) NOTTINGHAM
P383 ORACLE 383 Fri25 Dec ITV 2000:01  2/6           PRIZE LETTER On 23rd December 1943, we were told to expect a fabulous treat. It turned out to be one duck. 500 men tucked into this treat, which had been promised by the Japanese Offi- cer.He even had the audacity to ask,on the Boxing Day had we enjoyed the duck? As you can imagine,no one knows exactly what happened to the generous gift.Our diet was to remain meatless,consisting of magotty rice until after our release in August,1945. From: BILL STALHAM, BASINGSTOKE