P382 ORACLE 382 Fri25 Dec ITV 2010:41  7/8      24 HOUR SERVICE TRAVEL: LONDON TRANSPORT M Tube Trains DEC 24: Normal service,some stop early DEC 25: No service DEC 26: Restricted service - some sta- tions closed.Trains start later DEC 28 to JAN 1: Sunday service. Actual timetable details are likely to change up to the minute. Timetable details can be obtained from these telephone numbers: BRITISH RAIL: 01/928/5100 for London & SE enquiries (not manned on 25th/26th) LONDON TRANSPORT: 01/222/1234 (24 hours a day including 25th & 26th) NATIONAL BUS CO: No service 25th & 26th - for enquiries 'phone 01/730/0202. More emergency services follow >>
P382 ORACLE 382 Fri25 Dec ITV 2000:41  3/8      24 HOUR SERVICE MEDICAL HELP: Hospital emergency ser- vices will run as normal over Christmas Those with casualty facilities will not reduce their service. If your own GP is not on duty, his or her usual telephone number will serve to inform you of alternative arrangements. CHEMISTS: A list of Christmas opening times for chemists in your area will be available from your local police sta- tion, whose telephone number is in the 'phone book. (Police will run at about 1/3 their strength over Christmas. All police are 'on call' however, so the service will in effect run as normal.) Emergency gas & electricity repairs >
P382 ORACLE 382 Fri25 Dec ITV 2011:31  1/8      24 HOUR SERVICE BANKS & CHANGE BUREAUX. All major banks close on the 24th at 12 noon, and re- open on the 29th at 9.30. There are several bureaux providing foreign ex- change & cheque cashing facilities in London.Some are listed below: 89 Gloucester Rd,SW7; 58 Queensway,W2; 24 Wardour St,W.1; 130 King's Rd,SW3; 10-12 Exhibition Rd,SW7; 548 Oxford St (open 0830-2400hrs including DEC.25th); 236 Earls Ct Rd,SW5; 37 Coventry St,W1 (open 24 hrs daily,including DEC.25th); HEATHROW AIRPORT: Barclays at Terminal 3 & Midland at T.2 will be open 24 hrs daily including DEC.25. GATWICK: A bank will be open 24 hrs daily, excluding DEC.25 Clfrgency Animal Care >>
P382 ORACLE 382 Fri25 Dec ITV 2000:15  6/8      24 HOUR SERVICE TRAVEL: BRITISH RAIL DEC 24: Usual service with some extra Inter City trains.Most trains stop at 2200hrs. NO SERVICE ON CHRISTMAS OR BOXING DAY DEC 27 & JAN 1: Sunday service. DEC 28 - 31 Services will be restricted -some trains will be cut & some extra Inter-City trains will run. LONDON TRANSPORT - Buses DEC 24: Usual service - no night buses DEC 25: No service except A1 Victoria to Heathrow,9am-2pm every \ hour DEC 26: Restricted service DEC 27,28 & JAN 1: Sunday service. DEC 29 - 31: Saturday service. More travel information follows
P382 ORACLE 382 Fri25 Dec ITV 2001:11  4/8      24 HOUR SERVICE EMERGENCY REPAIRS: GAS & ELECTRICITY: Clfrgency telephone numbers for the Gas & Electricity Boards which appear in the phone book apply all over the Christmas period,and the emergency services are as normal. PLUMBERS: If you need a plumber over Christmas, Teledata have a list of plumbers on call. If you 'phone them on 01/200/0200, they will organise a plum- plumber to phone you back. The following numbers will put you in touch with a 24-hour emergency service: 01/731/3415-Click heating & electrical repairs (London); 01/675/2661-Atlas 24- hour plumbing service (London). Glaziers/Locksmiths follow >>
P382 ORACLE 382 Fri25 Dec ITV 2011:11  8/8      24 HOUR SERVICE GENERAL: THE FIRE BRIGADE are running their nor- mal emergency service over Christmas. THE SAMARITANS are available as usual over Christmas. Their emergency London number is 01/283/3400. THE CAPITAL HELP LINE, London's inde- pendent local radio help service closes at midnight on Christmas eve til Dec.27 FOR CHILDREN, however,Capital radio are providing an essential service. Count- less children this Christmas will re- ceive battery powered toys bearing the message: BATTERIES NOT PROVIDED Well, between 9am & 1pm on Christmas Day,Cap- ital will be giving away batteries from their foyer.A true emergency service!
P382 ORACLE 382 Fri25 Dec ITV 2000:11  2/8      24 HOUR SERVICE ANIMALS NEEDING CARE: All private registered veterinary surgeons are re- quired to provide 24-hour a day service all year round.If yours is a small com- munity with only 1 vet, it is likely that he/she will have joined forces with other vets to share the workload. If this is the case, the usual number you dial will still function,if only to refer you elsewhere. The RSPCA also provide an emergency service: informa- tion can be obtained on the following numbers all through the Xmas period. 01/272/6214-London,north of the Thames 01/789/8254-London,south of the Thames Canterbury 57733 & Brighton 685146. Glfrgency Medical care follows >>>
P382 ORACLE 382 Fri25 Dec ITV 2001:21  5/8      24 HOUR SERVICE GLAZIERS & LOCKSMITHS: The following organisations provide a Christmas ser- vice this year: AER Glazing (Greater London area) 01/699/9919 (day);01/237/7089 (eves) RWB Glaziers (SE & Central London) 01/693/6205 (day & eves) DORANTELL Locksmiths (London & Herts.) 01/366/5814 or 01/367/6860 KINGSWAY Lock & Key Co. 01/837/4625 All London: 01/836/4536 (day) All the above services are available 24 hours a day over Christmas. Transportation services follow >>