P324 ORACLE 324 Fri25 Dec ITV 2000:30  3/4  ORACLE  READS   BOOK REVIEW by DEREK PARKER A TRIBE OF ONE by George Melly Pub. Oxford Illustrated Press £6.95 A slim,well-illustrated book about Bri- tish naive artists - the St Ives fisherman Alfred Wallis, whose stumpy fishing boats ploughed the lively wes- tern waters; the Jamaican Cleveland Brown,with his pawky,bawdy vision of London and its people;James Lloyd,whose placid animals & curious children con- front each other with mutual suspicion. Much pleasure in the paintings of these untrained artists,for their pictures give familiar scenes new,strange,haunt- ing significance,lending us new eyes. Mr Melly's enthusiasm is just the thing to win us over to an appreciation of a still unfamiliar genre.
P324 ORACLE 324 Fri25 Dec ITV 2001:00  4/4  ORACLE  READS   BOOK REVIEW by DEREK PARKER THE INNOCENCE OF DREAMS by Charles Rycroft. Pub.OUP Price £2.25 This is not a Dream Book in the popular sense,but a thoughtful exploration of the ways in which our unconscious re- veals itself while we sleep. It does this every night,though some people hardly ever remember their dreams. How important are our nightly fantasies? What can they tell us about ourselves? Can they really help us resolve our problems? Here,a distinguished psychia- trist summarises the many dream theo- ries of the past,adding his own experi- ence,and giving some hints about the ways in which we can analyse our own dreams. Bedside notebook, a little concentration and - revelation!
P324 ORACLE 324 Fri25 Dec ITV 2001:53  1/4  ORACLE  READS   BOOK REVIEW by DEREK PARKER THE OXFORD BOOK OF AMERICAN LITERARY ANECDOTES, Ed.Donald Hall. O.U.P. £8.95 A book packed with good stories about most well-known American authors from Anne Bradstreet to Sylvia Plath. Anecdotes can often be as revealing as whole biographies,or just funny or sad - a lonely Dorothy Parker inviting com- pany by having the simple word MEN stencilled on her office door; Frank Harris seizing LITTLE WOMEN to read on a train,thinking it to be a pornograph- ic novel;Shirley Jackson,angry with her publisher,sticking a pin in a wax model of him (it worked: he broke a leg!). This and much more in a quintessential bedside book.
P324 ORACLE 324 Fri25 Dec ITV 2000:00  2/4  ORACLE  READS   BOOK REVIEG by DEREK PARKER WHITAKER'S ALMANACK, 1982 A hardy annual since 1868, we tend to take Whitaker for granted;but it really is a marvel - not only in comprehen- siveness (the address of the Philologi- cal Society,the population of Kiribati, pictures of THE wedding,the percentage lead content of petrol,the area of Lake Reindeer and a complete list of the British peerage,all here!) but in imme- diacy (Mrs Thatcher's cabinet changes of September are printed). Probably the most useful reference book in the world happily available in various forms from paperback to leather,at prices between £4.30 & £12.50,it will be welcomed by everyone from astrologers to zoologists Another review follows >>