P317 ORACLE 317 Fri25 Dec ITV 2001:00  *ORACLE*  *  by Jonathan 3/4  Clogstoun  *** *** ****** ******** ******* W/b 21st Dec VIRGO: Money is tight and you won't feel able to impress someone important as you would wish. LIBRA: Getting party groups to 'come to heel' and enjoy themselves as you would like won't be as easy as usual. SCORPIO: You will discover something that you have so far been oblivious to, and it could be a shock. SAGITTARIUS: Erstwhile partners drop a bombshell on you but you find you are less bereft than you thought, and you can still pull some magic out of the bag.  more follows >
P317 ORACLE 317 Fri25 Dec ITV 2001:44  *ORACLE*  *  by Jonathan 4/4  Clogstoun  *** *** ****** ****** ****** ****** ****** **** CAPRICORN 1981 22.12.81 to 20.1.82 An energetic forward-looking year for you with some important experiences abroad. You will want to join a cause, either to fight for free expression, or to investigate unknown phenomena such as life after death. You'll be inspired by friends who are either mute or cannot express themselves as well as you; your partners will find you very irksome because you keep pestering them for support. Your drive will bring unusual people into your sphere who could antagonise those whose good opinions you value, so try to discuss things fully beforehand. Lovers find things less satisfactory: too much else is afoot.. elf. more follows >>>
P317 ORACLE 317 Fri25 Dec ITV 2000:30  *ORACLE*  *  by Jonathan 2/4  Clogstoun  *** *** ****** ******** ******* W/b 21st Dec TAURUS: It's hardly festive restlessness at work, but your partners have plenty of good ideas for the future. GEMINI: A new relationship gets off to a stormy start, and you may have to go somewhere at short notice. CANCER: Don't push your luck too far or you will get more resistance from your friends than you imagined possible. LEO: You might think you were going mad. You haven't left yourself enough time to do everything necessary, have you? more follows >
P317 ORACLE 317 Fri25 Dec ITV 2000:02  *ORACLE*  *  * by Jonathan 1/4  Clogstoun  *** *** ****** ******** ******* w/b 21st Dec CAPRICORN: Friends help you see the funny side of things, especially at work. AQUARIUS: If you plan to travel this week take special care; you could be unconscious- ly angry about something. PISCES: Friends seem rather upset and it's up to you to calm them down. ARIES: The creative people around you are tense and irritable,but you should find resources to help them through.  ** These predictions are a general guide and should not be applied to specific decisions or events. More follows >>