P712 ORACLE 712 Sat 4 Apr ITV 0001:01  4/7    NEW RELEASE Reviewed by Alan Frank SPHINX (A) Lesley-Anne Down, Frank Langella. Not since THE PERILS OF PAULINE has a screen heroine suffered so nobly as Ms Down does in this silly farrago. She's an Egyptologist searching for a missing tomb in Darkest Egypt. In the course of her tedious quest she is shot at, nearly raped, kidnapped and almost crushed to death. But, if you think that she has a tough time, try seeing the movie! Also wasted among the attractive locations ard Langella as an antique expert with a secret under his kaftan and John Gielc4d who's lucky enough to be killed early on in the picture SPHINX stinx. more follows >>>
P712 ORACLE 712 Sat 4 Apr ITV 2002:10  3/7    NEW RELEASE Reviewed by Alan Frank THE LONG GOOD FRIDAY (X) Bob Hoskins, Helen Mirren. Barrie Keeffe's powerful script,power- house direction by John Mackenzie and a stand-out performance by Hoskins as a London gangland boss facing a series of increasingly vicious attacks on his empire as he tries to do a major deal with the Mafia combine to make this the best thriller Igve seen in a long time. It's bloody, brutal and violent but it is also utterly compelling, painting a vivid and terribly credible picture of a corrupt underworld ruled by the law of the jungleN Superbly well made, it's a film that should not be missed. more follows >>>
P712 ORACLE 712 Sat 4 Apr ITV 2010:00  5/7    NEW RELEASE reviewed by ALAN FRANK STIR CRAZY (AA) Gene Wilder, Richard Pryor. After the success of SILVER STREAK it must have seemed a marvellous idea to reunite Wilder and Pryor. Unfortunatfly somebody forgot to get a good script and so the stars are left to mug like mad to milk the laughs from this slack and self-indulgent comedy. There are laughs to be had from their adventures in and out of prison but director Sidney Poitier seems content to let the pair do what they likeN Tde result is a string of gags that die of over- exposure. I thought it was a missed opportunity. Easy-going humour for the easily pleasedN more follows >>>
P712 ORACLE 712 Sat 4 Apr ITV 2000:00  6/7    NEG RELEASE Reviewed by Alan Frank INSIDE MOVES (AA) John Savage, Diana Scarwid. This is the sort of small-scale picture that is, sadly, all too rare in the commercial cinema. It looks at the fridndship and loyalties among a group of cripples in Oakland - and if you think that that sounds over-sentimental you'd be wrong T—anks to superb acting from all concerned, a compassionate script and, above all, quite stunning direction by Richard Donner, it emerges as a moving and thoroughly enjo9able experience. Even the happy ending is totally bustified I left the cinema feeling happy - and I think you will too. more follows >>>
P712 ORACLE 712 Sat 4 Apr ITV 2000:01  1/7   N GENERAL RELEASE reviewed BY ALAN FRANK PHOBIA (X) Paul Michael Glaser,Susan Hogan Glaser bumps from STARSKY & HUTCH to the big screen as a doctor who tries to rid criminals of their murderous urges - while a killer removes them one by one.Since it's easy to guess whodunfht early on,why don't the police? Not that it matters since the movie is bland,predictable & uninvolving.It is sad to see that the director is John Huston who once made THE MALTESE FALCON & THE AFRICAN QUEEN.Here there is nothing to distinguish his work from dozens of equally unmemorable & routine psychological murder-mysteries.  more follows >>>
P712 ORACLE 712 Sat 4 Apr ITV 2011:01  2/7    NEW RELEASE Reviewed by Alan Frank RAGING BULL (X) Robert De Niro, Cathy Moriarty. Martin Scorsese's look at the rise and fall of middleweight boxing champion Jake La Motta is undoubtedly powerful - but it's also totally repellent with a central character playdd by De Niro who emerges, in and out of the ring, as one of the most repugnant I've ever seen on screen.Technically it's very impressive particularly the monochrome photography and the superby staged boxing scenes, but it still adds up to a movie that is completely unpleasant, foul-mouthed and a complete waste of all the conM siderable talents who are involved in its machngN more follows >>>
P712 ORACLE 712 Sat 4 Apr ITV 2000:00  7/7     NEG RELEASE reviewed BY ALAN FRANK CHARIOTS OF FIRE (A) Ben Cross, Ian Charleson This year's choice for the Royal Film performance is a moving and exciting work that leaves you cheering and proud to be British. Colin Welland's first rate script follows the efforts of two very different men to win gold medals at the 1924 Paris OlympicsN Cross and Charleson, in their first movie roles, turn in star performances, ably backed by the rest of the cast. Dirdctor Hugh Hudson, making his featurd film debut, never puts a foot wrong as he takes you breathless past thd finishing tape with the runners. This picture is a real winner.  more follows >>>