P432 ORACLE 432 Sat 4 Apr ITV 2011:11 A 2/2  N D  NEWS FROM THE NATIONAL FARMERS' UNION Although the foot and mouth disease outbreak in the Isle of Wight is apparently now under control there have been more cases across the Channel in Britanny. Cornish farmers,worried about possible future spread, have asked for school visits to and from France to be postponed. A request has been sent to education authorities. UK farmers re- main firmly against a vaccination policy and want the total slaughter measures to go on in disease hit areas. more follows>
P432 ORACLE 432 Sat 4 Apr ITV 2002:08  A  1/2   N  D  NEWS FROM THE NATIONAL FARMERS' UNION Sheep producers in England and Wales are urging reintroduction of a comp- ulsory sheep dipping programme in order to wipe out sheep scab disease. Last year the national dipping programme was dropped in favour of an order covering only the south west but since then there have been many more cases. NFU headquarters is pressing for the sheep dipping order to be brought back on a national scale. Sheep scab is a disease which is caused by a bite on skin surface.  more follows >>