P7ff ORACLE 702 Sun15 Mar ITV 2151:31 FROM :Cathryn 2obinson,Zoe & Wendy Johnson,Christophfr Jefferies JELLY FOR TEA by Eileen Joyit kHO SAk HIM LEAVE by Wendy Go THE WINNER by Vic Tree SAY YOUR PRAYERS by Neil Down EAGER GIRL by May I Delp TDE TWO OF US by Ew1n De END OF THE WEEK by C  THE PAINTER "8 R T Q ENGINEERING MANU@L by I F ALL ABGjT BENTIsTs by IP HIDDEN GOLD by A Mizer SHOOT MY WIFE by Mr Completbl8 GOODBYE by C U Latfr HORSE RACING by Jock Ease LONG RIVERS by Mrs Sippi