P787 ORACLE 787 Sun15 Mar ITV 2149:11 KIDS GRID NO.42 from AMBER THODY A1,A7,A10,A14,A18,A20,A22,A24-26,A29-31 B2,B4,B6,B9,B11,B14,B18-19,B22,B24-25, B29-30,C3,C5,C8,C12,C14-16,C18,C20,C22, C24-26,C28-30,S31-32,S35-36,T31-32, T35-36,K31-32,U35-36,V31-32,V35-36. G5-6,H4,H7,I4,I7,J7,K7,L7,M7,N7,O7,P7, 17,R7,S7,T7,U7,V7,J33,J34. F30,F37,G31,G36,H30-37,I30,I37,J30,J37, K30,K37,L31-32,L35-36,M30-37,N29-30, N32-33,N36-38,O28-30,O35-39,P28-34, P37-39,Q28,Q30-33,Q37-39,R27-40,S27-30, S33-34,S37-40,T27-30,T33-34,T37-40, U27-30,K33-34,K37-40,V27-30,V33-34, V37-40N I32,I35,N11-14,N16-19,O11-14,O16-19, P11-14,P16-19,Q11-14,Q16-19,R11-14, R16-19,S11-14,S16-19,T11-14,T16-19, U9-14,U16-21,V9-14,V16-21 U1-6,U8,U15,U22-26,V1-6,V8,V13,V22-26  How it's done >
P787 ORACLE 787 Sun15 Mar ITV 2150:23  1/3   ORACLE BY NUMBERS 1) You need paper drawing 'grids' which you can get by writing to us: KIDS GRIDS,ORACLE,LONDON SE99 6YW Enclose a large stamped addressed envelope. We'll send you some grids.. 2) You will need some colourfd 0fncils or paints. We use Yellow, Green, Red Light Blue, Deep Blue, Purple & White 3) The instructions for colouring squares will be in code. For example to colour K8 first find line K on the left hand sidf row.Thfn find line 8 along the bottom row. Follow these lines across until they meet... x.... Then colour that square green. DESIGN YOUR OWN GRIDS. Send your design and the codes to our addrfss. You get a T/Shirt transfer for each one used.  codes for the Kids Grids follow >
P787 ORACLE 787 Sun15 Mar ITV 2151:34 2/3 KIDS GRID NON 43 From: LEE KINDELL Aylesbury, Bucks V17 V19 V21 V24 V26 V28 U18-20 U25-27 T19 T26 S19 S25 R19 R24 N12 M11-13 M33-36 L10-14 L29 L30 L33 L36 K28 K30-33 K36 J29 J36 I30 I36 H31-35 G9-13 F10-12 E11 N17-25 N33-36 M17 M30 M32 M37 L31 L32 L37 L38 K27 K37 K38 J28 J37 J38 I10 I29 I37 H30 H36 G31-35 M18-24 K34 J31-34 O16-27 N16 N26 M16 M25 L16-24 L34 L35 K29 K35 J4-8 J30 J35 I6-8 I31-35 H8 Q16-27 P16-28 O15 O28 O29 O33-36 N14 N15 N27-30 N32 N37 M14 M15 M26-29 M31 M38 L13 L25-28 L39 K9-26 K39 J9-16 J27 J39 I9 I11-15 I28 I38 H9-14 H29 H37 G30 G36 F31-35  Another Grid >