P741 ORACLE 741 Sun15 Mar ITV 2149:09  2/4 FORTHEDEAF ANDHARDOFHEARING For THOSF with GOOD HEARINGN Do you know someone with a hearing problem? What can you do to help? Speak with clear lip movements, but do not exaggerateN Speak naturally, but a little more slowly than usualN Avoid distractions like nodding or smoehng. Have a good light on your face. Give a clue to the subject of conversation. Don't repeat the same thing over and over M change a word or sentence. Please don't shout M it doesn't help. more follows \\\\\\\\\\
P741 ORACLE 741 Sun15 Mar ITV 2150:21  3/4  FOR THE DEAF  AND HARD OF HEARING GUIDANCE for LIPREADING E FRCISES Sit where you cannot see screen.Repeat each sentence to hflper, HELPER. Remember advice on page B.Read material to yourself first. Speak in a quiet voice just below hearing level to your lipreader. Say each sentence twice - if not understood give them first word or two, then repeat whole sentence quietly. If necessary give them all the sentence then repeat quiftly again. If you have a clue you can anticipate Clues:- HOLIDAYN WEATHER.GARDEN.FEELING UNWELL. HARD OF HEARING. E AMPLE PAGE:- Clues and anticipation. more follows >
P741 ORACLE 741 Sun15 Mar ITV 2151:30 I was too late.It was burnt to a cinder My wife was due home any minute and she would be expecting the super meal that I had promised to cook for herN What could I do? I picked up the telephone and booked a table at a restaurant. I'm going to cookery classes this winter. how to use this page >
P741 ORACLE 741 Sun15 Mar ITV 2151:29  4/4  FOR THE DEAF  AND HARD OF HEARING  EXAMPLE PAGE:ONE MAN'S COOKING DISASTER I'm not very good at cooking. The other day I cooked a joint of ham. I put it in the oven on a llgh setting. Then I went out into the garden. Thf sun was out so I sat in a deck chair & went to sleep.Two hours later I remembered thf ham.I rushed indoors but