P714 ORACLE 714 Sun15 Mar ITV 2149:04 quietfr roadsN Travelling on a motorway is not necess- arily more economical because of the higher speeds involved eg. a typical 1500cc car will do 21mph on a short journey in a suburban environment;26mpg on a motorway & 30pmg on a quiet rural road.
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P714 ORACLE 714 Sun15 Mar ITV 2150:16    + ££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££ ECONOMY DRIVING: 3/4 Stopping If you are stationary,in heavy traffic,for a long time, switch off the engine to save pftrol. Changing Gear The best fuel exonomy is achieved by changing smoothly through the gears to reach top gear as quickly as possible with a moderate throttle opening. Gear changes should be made at the right road speed so that the engine does not labor or surge. Avoid peak revs in each gear. Speed For most cars the most economic- al speed is around 30mph. The engine's bfst performance is around 50mph. Driv- ing at a steady 40-50mph is better than keeping at 30mph when keeping up with traffic flow. 10mpg can be saved by driving at 50mph rather than at 70mph.
P714 ORACLE 714 Sun15 Mar ITV 2151:28  4/4     ECONOMY DRIVING: Hills Driving uphill;the best economy is achieved by maintaining a steady s0fed in top gear, rather than changing to a lower gear. As soon as the engine labours, change to a lower gear, & use sufficient acceleration to finish the climbN It is illegal to try to save petrol by coasting downhill with the car out of gear or the engine switched off, the fuel saving is negligible.Fuel consumption is considerably affectfd by driving style & can vary according to the type of fourney involved. Different sorts of cars are affected in different ways.