P712 ORACLE 712 Sun15 Mar ITV 2149:03  4/8   N GENERAL RELEASE Reviewed by Alan Frank LOOPHOLE (A) Albert Finney, Martin Sheen Do you recall all those 50s British 'B' pictures which featured imported stars (hopefully) to provide box-office pull in the United Statfs? I thought that the formula was safely dead and buried - but unfortunately its been resurrec- ted for this tepid crime caper with Sheen on hand to give transatlantic appeal to Finney and his home-grown gang of safe-crackers. Everything is predictable including the would-be ironic endingM and it's really difficult to see why the two stars took time out to make it, or why you should do likewise to see it.
P712 ORACLE 712 Sun15 Mar ITV 2150:16  5/8    NEW RELEASE reviewed by ALAN FRANK THE MIRROR CRACK'D (A) Elizabeth $bylor, Rock Hudson Even devout Agatha Chrisitf fans could find this lacklustre whodunnit hard going as Angela Lansbury's mannered Miss Marple investigates murders in an unbelievable tourist brochure English village in the Fifties. The film is old fashioned enough to have been made thfn tooN The tepid script & Guy Hamilton's uninspired direction combine to incite the cast to go over the top as if they were in a race to conquer Everest. The murder victims are the lucky ones since they get to leave the film before the audience doesN Bury the movie quietlyN more follows >
P712 ORACLE 712 Sun15 Mar ITV 2151:28  6/8   N NEW RELEASE Reviewed by Alan Frank RESURRECTION (AA) Ellen Burstyn, Sam Shepard This ingenious but uneven supernatural drama gets more than it deserves from Ms Burstyn's excellent performance and she's won a well deserved Oscar nomination for it as a woman partially paralysed aftfr a car accident who finds that she has healing powers. They lead her to a series of bizarre and picturesque adventures in Darkest Kansas and a doomed love affair with prfacher's son Shepard before an ending that sadly cops o}t on all that's gone before. It emerges as a fascinating but ultimately inconclusive & unsatisfying movie.