P711 ORACLE 711 Sun15 Mar ITV 2149:03 ORACLE 1/3    JOHNNY WINTER:RAISED ON ROCK SKY 22112 Johnny Winter is the original very white man who plays the blues. His startling blues guitar virtuosity brought critics and money men alike running to hear him play in his home town of Austin,Texas back in 1968. With a massive contract he set to work in New York producing his distinctive "heavy metal blues. Most of his best work has been cover versions of rock/ blues classics and especially Jagger/ Richards matfrial,which is very well represented hereNThis well put together compilation spans his talent in all its technical brilliancf but reveals,sadly, a blues virtuoso who fails to strike thf "soul" of blues.
P711 ORACLE 711 Sun15 Mar ITV 2150:16 ORACLE 2/3    GORDON GILTRAP:HEACOCK PARTY PVK Influenced by Alan Alridge's book, Gordon Giltrap plays both acoustic & electric guitar to a backing of flute, keyboards,violins & percussion.Together they create an excellent album that varies in pace & mood. It is a quality sound with the skilful guitar player leading all the way.At times it sounds almost medieval & at others it is really avant-garde. Gordon Giltrap composes each piece to classical standards & it so1nds as if he's had a good solid musical training. It is classical guitar in a rock context that makes this album almost unique in its interpretation.
P711 ORACLE 711 Sun15 Mar ITV 2151:27 ORACLE 3/3    SAILOR:"DRESSED FOR D2OWNING" CBS 3 years of silence from thf source of such hits as Girls,Girls,Girls & Traf- fic Jam arf broken with a new album and a fresh line-up. Two founder members are joined by a tuneful lady,Virginia David, & her bro- ther, & it's a happy marriage indulging Sailor's liking for elaborate harmonies The range is considerable as you are reminded now of Queen, now of Manhatten Transfer... Sometimes the lyrics are banal (the witty "Hat Check Girl" is an exception) but clever arrangements distract from theseN "Danger On The Titanic" is an exceptional track and could be the hit single if there's the deservfd exposure