P709 ORACLE 709 Sun15 Mar ITV 2149:02  1/3  ORACLE  READS   MR.LONELY by Eric Morecambe Eyre Methufn £5.95 The bespectacled half of That Comic Duo makes his literary debut with the story of the rise and rise of Side Lewis,com- edian of some skill and integrity. There's no whiff of autobiography, but MrN Morecambe's inside knowledge of the seamier side of the business at drink- ing club or pier end, as well as Vegas or award dinner, lends constant authen- ticityN It's consistently funny with passages of slapstick so detailed and lunatic they rival Tom and Jerry's. The author crops up as himself from time to time, a casual friend,even app-
P709 ORACLE 709 Sun15 Mar ITV 2150:15  2/3  ORACLE  READS    OTHER PEOPLE:A MYSTERY STORY by MARTIN AMIS pub.Johnathan Cape: £5.95 This book picks you up, whirls you com- pulsivfly through a number of unsavoury episodes and puts you down somewhat more confused than when you started. The narrative obstensibly concerns a girl suffering from almost total amnesia. She appears to have been cut adrift to make sense of the world as best she canN Her progress is monitored by a policeman who occasionally in3frts cynical and sometimes, very funny comments on alcoholism, sex etcN However, the sum of amnesiac Mary Lamb, her alter ego Amy Hide and her mentor do not add up to a solution of "the mystery"V Thf result is more like a diabolically vivid description of hell.
P709 ORACLE 709 Sun15 Mar ITV 2151:27  3/3  ORACLE  "DHDS    POPism:The Warholg60s by Andy Warhol and Pat HackettN Hutchinson £7.95 From the man who immortalised the Camp- bell's Soup can - a decade in the life of a segment of New York society. Although Warhol's Pop art,his intermin- able underground movies & the "happen- ings" at his Factory studio were met largely with shocked disbelief, it is clear that the artist was no con-artist He was a delighted observer of the g60s at their most outrageous & recalls in affectionate detail the dress,the drugs and other habitsN Famous names abound but it's not always a pretty story, ending with thf attempt on his life and a number of human casualties. Well-written and fascinating.