P448 ORACLE 448 Sun15 Mar ITV 2148:44 ROYAL 1/7     SOCIETY LONDON CENTRE All meetings will be held at the IBA, 70 Brompton Road and start at 7pm. 18th March 6.30 pm followed by Television archives 7.00 20th March FIRST ANNUAL DINNER
P448 ORACLE 448 Sun15 Mar ITV 2148:45 held at Sandown Park 2nd April FLEMING MEMORIAL LECTURE Royal Institution 30th April R.T.S. ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING at 6.30pmN  more follows >>
P448 ORACLE 448 Sun15 Mar ITV 2149:56 ROYAL 2/7    SOCIETY MIDLAND CENTRE: 19th Mar CHANNEL FOUR - Jeremy Isaacs Chief Executive 7.00 pm 15th Apr AMA(D$R TV - Trevor Brown ATV Centre 20th May SOLID STATE IMAGING DEVICES FOR $FLEVISION M David JN
P448 ORACLE 448 Sun15 Mar ITV 2151:08   SOCIETY MANCHESTER & NORTH-WEST CENTRE 18th Mar DIGITAL VIDEO NOISE REDUCTION by Tom Mackereth 1st Apr P2ODUC$JON DESIGN by Roy Stonehouse 15th Apr ELECTRONIC SIGNALLING - a visit to a signal box, Piccadilly Station more follows >