P415 ORACLE 415 Sun15 Mar ITV 2148:44 F2OM - INSTITUTE FOR SCIENTIFIC INFORMATION 13th March CHEAPER AERIAL PHOTOGRAPHY Aerial photography is widely used by engineers to help plan & design highM ways & to study traffic in urban areas. Now, a new technique has been developed to obtain good quality photos at low cost & with minimum delay. Instead of using expensivf cameras fitted to special photo-aircraft, small format, low cost 70mm cameras are fitted to commonly available light aircraft. For example, a single Hasselblad c!lfra or a multi-spectral system can be mounted onto the outsidf of a range of Cessna aircraft. For more informatin contact: Trans & Road ResN Lab, Crowthorne Berks  more follows >
P415 ORACLE 415 Sun15 Mar ITV 2149:56        NEWS 2/3       M  NEWS      NEWS       FROM M INSTITUTE FOR SCIENTIFIC INFORMATION 13th March "REJECT CHEMICAL WEAPONS" FOR BRITAIN Nobel pri:f winner Prof. F.Sanger & Sir Peter Medawar, OM support a British campaign against chemical weapons. Leading medical scientists fear a possible new chemicals arms race. They urge the Government to reject attempts to rebuild stockpiles of chemical & biological weapons.Western Intelligence reports large stocks of Soviet chemical weapons. There are proposals that NATO forces should have binary chemical warheads. Opponents state that these are morf liuely to bf used than single component unstable chemical weapons. More following >>
P415 ORACLE 415 Sun15 Mar ITV 2151:07        NEWS 3/3       M  NEWS      NEWS       From - INSTITUTE FOR SCIENTIFIC INFORMATION 13th March DYMANIC RAM WTH SIMPLER TECHNOLOGY Experimental one-mircometre dynamic random-access memory (RAM) circuits have been made with simpler process technology while retaining density and perforl nceN Using tungsten silicide on polycrystal- line silicon (called polycade) the RAM is constructed using a single polycide layer instead of the 2 polysilicon layers used in the conventional process ghen compared to similar circuits that use single-level poly-silicon, the new circuits show greatly enhancfd performance.