P410 ORACLE 410 Sun15 Mar ITV 2148:43  1/3   A new 2 metre repeater, GB3FF, became operational on March 14th on channel R4 on the South Fife coast nr Burnt Is. It is designed to cover Fife, the Forth Valley, parts of Edinburgh and the LothiansN EP2TY has been heard on the air from $fheran on 14.220MHz around midnight and also on 28MHz. The 6 metre band has been open on the North/South path regularly and the South Africans report that the band has been open to Europf most afternoons. The Guernsey Amateur Radio Get-together is on Mar 21/22 at the Greenacres Hotfl  More follows >
P410 ORACLE 410 Sun15 Mar ITV 2149:56 Commonwealth Contest, the Bermuda 1981 Contest and the British Amateur Radio Teleprinter Group's Spring RTTY contest on March 21st/22ndN Widespread auroral conditions existed on March 5th and HF band conditions were unsettled. Solar flux is expectfd to increase as the week proceeds, giving improved HF band conditions. More follows >
P410 ORACLE 410 Sun15 Mar ITV 2149:55  2/3   A s0fcial station using the callsign GB4LRC will be operating during the "Leisure in Louth" Hobbies Exhibition in Lincolnshire on March 21st/22nd. Contests during the week includf Day 7 of the BATC Activity Contest on Mar 20, The Canadian Amateur Radio Federation
P410 ORACLE 410 Sun15 Mar ITV 2151:07  Details of stolen equipment as follows: Sommerkamp TF240 serial 8000180. drio TR7800 serial 0111675. Icom IC255E serial 10202134. Trio TR7500 serial 661915. Icom IC225 serial 2701698. Any information to the MSO, RSGB HQ. (Address & phone no. below.) VHF repeater, GB3VT, on channel R1 at Stoke-on-Trent will be out of service for engineering work until Sunday, March 22nd. Details on amateur radio from: The Radio Society of Great Britain. 35 Doughty Street, LONDON WC1N 2AE Tel: 01-837 8688 (24-hour answering) more follows >