P220 ORACLE 220 Sun15 Mar ITV 2148:55   THIS WEEK'S STATISTICS  2/2 THU2SDAY cont Capital expenditure by manufacturing, distributive and service industries (4th qtr — rev) Manufacturers' and distributors' stocks (4th qtr — rev) FRIDAY Retail prices index (February). Tax and price index (Februry). Gross domestic product (4th qtr)N Sales and orders in engineering industries (December) More follows shortly
P220 ORACLE 220 Sun15 Mar ITV 2140:20   THIS WEEK'S STATISTICS  1/2 MONDAY Index of industrial production (January — prov). Balance of payments current and overseas trade figures (February). Retail Sales (Feb — prov). 'FDNESDAY Cyclical indicators for UK economy(Feb) Indices of average earnings (Hanuary)N Indices of basic rates wages (February) THURSDAY London dollar and sterling certificates of deposit (mid-February). UK banks' assets and liabilities and money stock (mid-February)N More follows shortly