P135 ORACLE 135 Sun15 Mar ITV 2140:00  1/3  On ITV  Sunday 15th March    THE FAMILY FUND Run by the Joseph Rowntree Memorial Trust.You should ask for whatever you most need To apply write to:The Family Fund,Beverly House, Shipton Rd,York. PARENT'S GUIDE published by the Disa- bility Alliance Price 50p + 25pp from: 1 Cambridge Terr,Lodnon NW1 4JL PRIVATD PURCHASE OF WHEELCHAIRS Infor- mation from:Information Service, Disabled Living Foundation, 346 Kensington High St,London W14. Tel:01 602 2491 
P135 ORACLE 135 Sun15 Mar ITV 2149:20  Sunday 15th March    HOg TO PUSH A WHEELCHAI2 by D Griffiths & D WynneNAvailable from:Disabled Motorist Club W.Midlands)Copthorne Community Hall,Shelton Rd, Shrfwsbury, PEOPLE IN WHEELCHAIRS Hints for helpers From:British Red Cross Society, 9 Grovesner Cres,London SW1. HOg TO LOAD A WHEELCHAIR INTO THE BACK SEAT OF A FOUR-DOOR FAMILY SALOON CAR COMPLE$FLY UNASSISTED From:Disabled Drivers Club(Peterboro')3 Donegal Close Gunthorpf,Peterboro',NorthantsN HEADWAY A national support group to help people with brain damage.Further information from:The Secretary,17-21 Clumber Ave,Sherwood Rise,Notts. 
P135 ORACLE 135 Sun15 Mar ITV 2150:31  3/3  On ITV  Sunday 1st March  \  ADHOS-thf Adapted Homes Exchange Agency Further details from:Chris Hazelgrove, Adhox,2 Mill Lane,Abbots Worthy, ginchester,HantsN THE B2OAD HAVEN YOUTH HOSTEL Full details from:The Warden,Broad Haven Youth Hostel,Haverford West,Dyfed (fl:043 783 688 INFORMATION SHEET ON 'YOUTH HOSTELS & THE DISABLED' Youth Association, National Office,Trevelyan House, St Albans,Herts Al1 2DY. $fl:St Albans 55215  More follows>