P107 ORACLE 107 Sun15 Mar ITV 2141:13  2/2    MY FATHER'S HOUSE PT.2 Friday 13/3/81 Anna is welcomed by Olivia Over lunch Alec says he wants Anna to go to University but she is undecided, and feels awkward with Alec. Anna returns to Maurice's flat where she meets Jake Staveley He is sympathetic and chats to her at the party that evening. Maurice's friends question Anna about Berenice. Anna returns to school and Rachel invites her to go to a cottagd in the Lakes with cousins Jonathan and Mark & chaperone Mrs. Bartholomew Anna is attracted to Jonathan. Rachel is taken ill & goes home. Jonathan & Anna have to stay behind to tidy up. Anna suggests they could miss the last bus and spdnd the night together Coronation St. follows >
P107 ORACLE 107 Sun15 Mar ITV 2150:25  1/2    CORONATION STREET: Wednesday 11th March Beauty & grooming lecturer Sonia Price starts recruiting in the Rovers for her classes. She's introduced to Mike Baldwin who insists Ken Barlow brings her to his flat-warming party which Deirdre is organising next week. Len Fairclough replaces the locks on llly Bishop's doors. Emily confides in Deirdre Langton that Arnold Swain threatfned to kill them both. Emily is stunned by a phone call from Arnold Swain who insists on seeing her. She agrees to meet him in the park where she points him out to the police. As Arnold is led away he looks at her with hurt disbelief and tears stream down Blhly's face.  My Father's House follows>