P781 ORACLE 781 Wed25 Jul ITV 2305:38 A B C A B C D 123 T YES AT LAST..IT'S ..ORACLE BY NUMBERS HOW TO PLAY -------M.-- 1) You need paper drawing 'grids' wdich you can get by writing to us ORACLE, LONDON SE9Y, 6YW. Enclose your ÷—lf, address & a 9p stamp. We'll 3end you some gridsn.n. 2) You well need some coloured —fncils or ——hts. We use Yellow, Green, "fd Light Blue, Dfep Blue, PurplU & White 3) Tde insrructeons for colouiing squares will be in code. For example to colour K8 first find line K on the left hand sede row.Then find line 8 along the bottom row. Follow tdese lines across until rhey meetn.. x.... Then colour that square green. Codes for the first Keds Grid follow>>