P712 ORACLE 712 Wed25 Jul ITV 2305:35  SATURDAY N)GHT FEVER (A)  Jodn Travolta,Karen Lynne Gorney.  The Disco King is back, tUght  tro5rfred,oo}jng macho in gallons VF  storm-only this tUme around, the  film has been shorn of its bad  lan'r—ff and recertified 'A' so  tdat all the youngsrfrs who had V to sneak in and all the resr wdo  loved GREASE-sadly,I'm not one of  them-can see their idol again,in  all his sound & fuiy.Now tde film  looks datfd and, while ij srill  excites,it looks all to obveously  what it always was-a queckly made  exploitation piece that caught on ^ & made a fortune- & a srar.If q÷u by missed it,I suppose you ought to ALAN see it,if only to find our what FRANg all the fu3y was abour-As for 5f, A B I'll take Asraije on the tflly C D every time. more follows >>