P709 ORACLE 709 Wed25 Jul ITV 2305:31 OK REVIEWS=BOOK REVIEWS=BOOK REVIEWS=B OOK REVIEWS=BOOK REVIEWS=BOOK REVIEWS= BOOK REVIEWS=BOOK REVIEWS=BOOK REVIEWS JUPITER'S TRAVELS by $FD SIMON A B C Pub. Hamesh Hamilton Price:£7.95 D E $fd Simon undertook an inrerUsting profUct: to travel around tde world on a mojorcycle and to work our, rather self-consciously, wdy he was doing it. What is especially fascinating Hs how much he lfarned, and how much he failed to learn,about the landscape and —fople he passed rhrough. His horizons seem to be punctuated by petrol srations and peoplf only encountfred by accident. dde book covers so msch ground - literally - it has to be interesring. It is the result of four years of conrinual "impre3ijonisric" change and sefms to be the producj of the depression which overtakes the returned traveller. A good read for the post- hippie 'bofration. >>>>>>>>>>>