P358 ORACLE 358 Wed25 Jul ITV 2305:01  MARKETJCES FROM THE SCOdTISH   AGRICULTURAL   COLLEGES   July 20 A B C D E CEREALS ex farm £/tonne July 18 Wheat milling NA feed NA Little market Barley milling NA left. Feed fefd NA Barley erratic Oats milling NA in the mid £90s fefd NA (HGCA) PO$BTOES white ex farm incl.bag July 17 South of Forth NA Fife,Pfrth,Angeb NA Nortdern NA D"^CAP July 23 Green pound overvalued: 4n9* Mca (subsi$xT on imported: Danesh bacon sedes £28^39/tonne Irish beef carcasses 4656p/kg