P243 ORACLE 243 Wed25 Jul ITV 2305:26    COUNTY   REVIEW Another spectacular bowling performance by John Lever put Essex on the way to 6ictory —6ainst Hampshire. He took skwfn for 23 as Hampshire were shot out for 128. Gooch scored 70 as Essex buelt up a lfad of 23. NottingPPvshire incrfased their hopes of grabbing second place weth consisrent batting !f—jnst York1hire. John Bircd hir a career besr 92 not out as theuPlbde 371 for 3ix. Wayne Lar+dWs scored 103 as Nort(bnts rssded to 363 for sex agauWst Kent. 0\ COUNTY SCORES 246, 247 & 248