P217 ORACLE 217 Wed25 Jul ITV 2305:22    CAR £OSTS UP SHARPLY U The cost of owning and ruvning a new car in Britain has risen to 18.27p a mile - 22.5% up on 1978 a repojt says. The Hertz "ar stvdy b!qfs its figures on a four-door cbloon with sjandard equepment driven 10,000 meles a year. It says the cost of petrol, oil and lubrication is 5.19p per@ljle - a 30* rise over 1978's 3.76p. Maintfnance costs have risen a massive 65% M more than the years berween 1974 and 1978 put together. dt wenr up frog 1.3Yp a mile to 2.29p, says the report.