P144 ORACLE 144 Wed25 Jul ITV 2305:47  AA DRIVING IN EUROPE   B B C  D E  ITALY & SAN  PETROL:  MARINO  £1.47 a gallon  SEA$,GELTS: Not compulsory, bur recomf\ ended SPEED: Built-up areas 31mph,otdej roads 50-68mph  ing on engine capacijy. FIN&S: On-the- spot. LIGHTS: Dipped headlights com—\ ulsory in tunnels & bridges EVEN IF LIT Full beam headlights to be used only .ZTSIDE towns. DRINKING & DRIVING: If "under the influencf" hea6y fines &/or imprisonment. INSURANCE: Compulsory. Grefn Card rUcoMlfnded.3rd 0arty needed for some boars,available ar border. SPECIAL FEATURES: Petjol coupons avail- able-buy (m UK^ Warning trUangles com—Z ulsory.Vehicles travelling in oppositf directions wishing to turn left must 0ass in front,not behind as in UK.