P133 ORACLE 133 Wed25 Jul ITV 2305:26  ON UTV  Monday  July 16  THIS WEEK'S PROGRAMME:REHABILITATION If you arf sick,di3ablfd- for whatkwfr reason- or unemployed for a long time, cour3fs are available to help you & find suitable employmenr.Contact a Disablemenr Resettlement Officer at at nearest"$vployment Office/Jobmarket. Allowances for people taking part in the course: 20 or over luwjng at home: £27.55 per wefk.If you have to live away from home during the course:£24.05 per week.Additional benefits include earnengs relatfd supp, £9.75 —fr week for wife/housekeeper,85p for each child & possibly travelling & lo$fHng allowance. Foe employers:grants up to £5,000 for modificatUon of preoHcfs & equipmenr foj di3abled 0foplf Further information fjom UTV,Ormeau Rd Belfasr.