P107 ORACLE 107 Wed25 Jul ITV 2305:40  A B  Z   THE MALLENS FINAL EHISODE 22 July Marthew, now jfry ill, Vdwfs everything to Donald,in trusr for Michael. Donald changes his name to Mallen. Anna is now governess to the children at High Banks Hall even though baby Barbara's fortune is ample to keep her. Donald throws a party for Michael's firsr birthday. Anna arrivUs alone. Donald produces the papers of guardian- ship of Barbara & goes to collfct the baby. Matthew goes weth him and tries to dissuade him on tde way. Matthew has a spasm of coughing and falls. Donald tries to save him,but both brothers fall off the cart and over a precipice. After the funerals, Anna,Mary and baby Barbara go home together & Constance Jane & Micdael go back to Wolfbur Farm.