P106 ORACLE 106 Wed25 Jul ITV 2305:40 SUMMFRSUMMERSUMMFRSUMMFRSUMMFRSUMMFRSUM SUMMERSUMMERSMERSUMMERSUMME SUMMERSUMMERSMERSMMMERSUMME SUMNERSUMMERSUMMERSUMMERSUMMFRSUMMFRSUM 28 CANNON & BALL (LWT) The popular club scene comedy act, patners for 13 yrs,star in tdeir first televesion series. 28 JULY CHARLES ENDELL ES KTV IAIN CUTHBERTSON rUcreatfs Charlie Endell, last seen in "Budgee" 29 $ZLY dROPIC (ATV) A situation comedy based on gJropic of R5islip' by author Leslie Thomas 29 JULY DOCTORS & NURSES A soap  children and the patients adult stars. 3 AUGUST LOVE AMOUNG THE AR$JSTS (GRA) A 5 part adaption of Bernard Shaw's satire of art & artists in the 1880's. 3 AUGUST DO-GOODERS (LWT) Six film documentaries penetrate the world of social worker & client.