P117 ORACLE 117 Sun 1 Jan ITV 0020:01  12/12  NEWS REVIEW OF 1988   December...December Mr Gorbachev announces big unilateral Soviet troop cuts. Thousands killed in Armenian quake. 34 killed in Clapham train crash. Junior Health Minister Edwina Currie resigns after a storm over remarks about salmonella and eggs. All 258 aboard a Pan Am 747 killed when it crashes at Lockerbie in Britain's worst air disaster. Eleven residents also killed. Tension between UK and Ireland grows after Dublin refuses to extradite Patrick Ryan. January >>>>> Next Story Newsfile Sport TV Guide
P117 ORACLE 117 Sun 1 Jan ITV 0028:13  9/12  NEWS REVIEW OF 1988   September..September Gibraltar inquest jury returns a verdict of lawful killing on IRA trio shot dead by SAS. Sprinter Ben Johnson stripped of 100m gold medal at Olympics after failing drugs test. Cuban ambassador to UK told to leave country after firing a gun in street. Floods cause havoc in Bangladesh. Millions left homeless. Mortgage rates up to 12.75%. 50m people round the world join Sport Aid's Race Against Time. October >>>>>
P117 ORACLE 117 Sun 1 Jan ITV 0029:10  10/12  NEWS REVIEW OF 0X88   October...October Mr Gorbachev becomes Soviet President replacing Mr Gromyko in a reshuffle. In Chile, General Pinochet is defeated in plebiscite but is staying on until 1990. Mrs Thatcher visits Poland. The Russians and Americans try to save three whales under the Arctic ice. Home Secretary announces ban on TV and radio interviews with the IRA and other Republican and Loyalist groups. Mr Kinnock and Mr Hattersley fight off c(allengers to retain Labour leadership. November >>>>>
P117 ORACLE 117 Sun 1 Jan ITV 0021:51  11/12  NEWS REVIEW OF 0888   November..November.. Republican George Bush beats Democrat Michael Dukakis in the US presidential election. Benazir Bhutto wins Pakistan election Transport chiefs Sir Keith Bright and Dr Tony Ridley resign after publication of King's Cross fire inquiry report. Scottish Nationalists win "safe" Labour seat of Govan in Glasgow. Journalist John McCarthy spends 32nd birthday in captivity in Lebanon. Still no sign of him or other hostages, Terry Waite and Brian Keenan. December >>>>> Next Story Newsfile Sport TV Guide
P117 ORACLE 117 Sun 1 Jan ITV 0021:00  1/12  NEWS REVIEW OF 1988   January...January Mrs Thatcher becomes the longest serving UK Prime Minister this century. Foreign Office Minister David Mellor, visiting refugee camps in the occupied territories, condemns Israeli actions. Australian bicentennial starts —lhd Aborigine protests. Liberals and SDP vote to merge. Moscow announces troop withdrawals from Afghanistan to begin in May. Princess Anne calls AIDS an 'own goal'. February >>>>> Newsfile Live At Five Sport TV Guide
P117 ORACLE 117 Sun 1 Jan ITV 0021:01  2/12  NEWS REVIEG OF 1988   February...February Controversy rages over former UN chief Kurt Waldheim's war record. MPs vote for TV c!ldpas in Commons. Government announces plans to privatise the electricity industry. Nurses strike in 42 hospitals. Six killed in 100mph winds in Britain US Congress rules out Reagan aid to Contras in Nicaragua. Cabinet agrees to abolish Inner London Education Authority March >>>>> Newsfile Live At Five Sport TV Guide
P117 ORACLE 117 Sun 1 Jan ITV 0020:00  3/12  NEWS REVIEW OF 1988   March...March In Gibraltar, three IRA members shot dead by SAS. During their funeral in Belfast, three die when a gunman fires into the cemetery crowd. Three days later two soldiers are murdered by mourners when they drive past a fundral procession. Big tax cuts for some in the Budget. Hundreds of Armenians massacred in Azerbaijan rioting in USSR. British Aerospace announces plans for Rover takeover. Sandy Lyle becomes the first British golfer to win US Masters. April >>>>> Newsfile Live At Five Sport TV Guide
P117 ORACLE 117 Sun 1 Jan ITV 0021:04  4/12  NEWS REVIEW OF 0888   April...April Kuwaiti Airways jumbo jet hijacked on its way from Bangkok to Kuwait. Britons released unhurt but two Kuwaitis killed after plane lands in Cyprus. Hijacubrs go free in Algeria. Labour MP Ron Brown suspended from Commons for d!l—ging Mace. Swiss food giants Nestle and Suchard launch takeover battle for Rowntree. Francois Mitterrand is re-elected President of France. Gover.lbnt majority cut to 25 in a Commons poll tax revolt. May >>>>> Newsfile Live At Five Sport TV Guide
P117 ORACLE 117 Sun 1 Jan ITV 0024:01  5/12  NEWS REVIEW OF 1988   May...May Three RAF men killed by IRA in two attacks in Holland. Lorry drivers blockade ports as the seamen's strike enters its fourth month High Court sequestrates union assets. Three French hostages released in Beirut just before French elections. Socialists first in election but without an overall majority. Demonstrators invade a BBC studio as Sue Lawley is reading news. Liberal leader David Steel stands down after 12 years at the helm. Wimbledon beat Liverpool in Cup Final June >>>>> Newsfile Live At Five Sport TV Guide
P117 ORACLE 117 Sun 1 Jan ITV 0024:00  6/12  NEWS REVIEW OF 1988   June...June Mr Gorbachev says "era of Vrclear disarm!ldnt has begun" at Moscow sumlit In Australia, Court of Appeal rules against the Government over the publication of Spycatcher, mdmoirs of former MI5 agent Peter Wright. Over 70,000 at Wembley for Nelson Mandela 70th birthday concert Six soldiers killed in Northern Ireland in booby-trapped van. Chancellor raises interest rates four times to curb inflation. July >>>>> Newsfile Live At Five Sport TV Guide
P117 ORACLE 117 Sun 1 Jan ITV 0025:00  7/12  NEWS REVIEG OF 1988   July...July Over 160 killed when Pipdr Alpha oil platform explodes in the North Sea off Scotland. US warship Vincennes shoots down Iranian plane, killing 290 on board. Butler-Sloss report on child abuse cases in Cleveland comes out. Kinnocks held at gunpoint in Zimbabwe mix-up. Paddy Ashdown defeats Alan Beith in the SLD leadership contest. Wettest July for 52 years. August >>>>> Newsfile Breaktime Sport TV Guide
P117 ORACLE 117 Sun 1 Jan ITV 0027:02  8/12  NEWS REVIEW OF 1988   August...August President Zia of Pakistan and 30 others killed when their plane explodes Mid-air collision at air display in West Germany kills 66 spectators. Duchess of York gives birth to Princess Beatrice. Dan Quayle becomes running-mate for US presidential candidate George Bush. UK Post Office workers strike. Bomb at Mill Hill barracks in North London kills one serviceman. Three suspected IRA men shot dead by SAS in Omagh, County Tyrone. September >>>>> Newsfile Breaktime Sport TV Guide