P115 ORACLE 115 Sun 1 Jan ITV 0020:10   1/2      Venezuela: President Lusinchi said his country, the fourth biggest debtor in South America, was suspending principal payments of its foreign debt. He said foreign creditors, owed $30bn, hed been notified.  China: Officials removed five paintings from the first exhibition of nude art in Peking. Angry models had complained about their portraits being viewed by thousands of curious onlookers. >>>>> Regional Classified   Advertising p280 News In Brief Newsfile Sport TV Guide
P115 ORACLE 115 Sun 1 Jan ITV 0021:00   2/2      Japan: Six people died and seven others were missing after a fire swept through a two-storey house in Osaka.  Holland: Four people, including a policeman, were run down by cars and another was shot and wounded during clashes between rival gangs in The Hague.  India: The youth leader of the main Sikh political party in Punjab, Malkiat Singh, was shot dead in an ambush as he drove to the town of Ludhiana. >>>>> News headlines 101 Live at Five 120 News In Brief Newsfile Sport TV Guide