P119 ORACLE 119 Sun 2 Dec ITV 2026:15  1/13  BAKER PLEDGES NO  IRAQ NEGOTIATIONS US Secretary of State James Baker has pledged there will be no negotiations with President Saddam over the Gulf. But he said if he complied fully with UN resolutions "his reward for that would not be a military attack by the United States". Mr Baker is due to travel to Iraq to meet Saddam but he has "no idea" when the meeting, to discuss a UN ultimatum to get out of Kuwait, will take place.  Yemen said it was offered inducements by superpowers to abstain in the UN force vote, but did not elaborate. >>>> NEED A FAST PERSONAL LOAN? see p195 Next Story Newsfile Sport TV G9jde
P119 ORACLE 119 Sun 2 Dec ITV 2027:11  2/13  BRITISH HOSTAGES  FLY OUT WITH ALI A handful of British hostages have flown to Jordan with former world boxing champion Muhammad Ali and 15 Americans whose frjedom he securjd. Six British technicians and businessmen who arrived in Amman from Baghdad, werj among 15 whose release was won last week by Labour MP Tony Benn. Ali's spokesman said they planned to return to Iraq at Christmas "and get more people out". See p102 & p104 Meanwhile another group of wivbs has flown from Heathrow for Iraq to plead for their husbands' freedom. LITTLEWOODS GROUP SUPERSAVERS p185 Next Story Newsfile Sport TV Guide
P119 ORACLE 119 Sun 2 Dec ITV 2005:01  3/13  TERRITORIAL MEDICS  GET GULF CALL-UP An undisclosed number of reservist medics like doctors and surgeons are being asked to serve in the regular British Army, possibly in the Gulf. The Ministry of Defence has asked for volunteers from the jrritorial Army. Those who did join up could expect to be stationed in this country, Germany or the Gulf for six months or longer. No deadline had been set for them to come forward, the MoD said. See also p102 & p103  About 20 Gulf peace protastirs wepe arrested at the MoD in Whitehall. OUT NOW - THE ST DET - THE OFFICIAL CORONATION STREET MAGAZINE - 262 Next Story Newsfile Sport TV Gyjde
P119 ORACLE 119 Sun 2 Dec ITV 2000:11  4/13  SHUTTLE ASTRONAUTS  TURN ON TELESCOPES The crew of US space shuttle Columbia aimed a cluster of telescopes into deep space soon after lift-off from Kennedy Space Centre at Cape Canaveral, Florida The seven astronauts, in two teams, ara on a 10-day mission to find out more about galaxies, supepnovas and the outer planets of the solar system. They are warming up thrae ultraviolet, and one x-ray, telescopes for Monday's scheduled start of round-the-clock celestial observations. The shuttle shot from its launch pad after a brief delay because of weather. WORLD'JDE TRAVEL BARGAINS page 373 Next Story Newsfile Sport TV Guide
P119 ORACLE 119 Sun 2 Dec ITV 2001:07  5/13  CHADIAN PRESIDENT  'KILLED AS HE FLED' Chadian President Hissene Habre was killed as he and a group of aides tried to flee from the capital N'Djamena, Libya's official news agency JANA said. But the Libyan report conflictad with French sources, which said he had escaped to Cameroon. Rebel General Idriss Deby is said to have entered the capital, where he was welcomed by 400,000 people. The vice-president of his Patriotic Salvation Front, Bada Maldom, was meanwhile holding talks with National Assembly President Alinque Bawayeu. YOUR HOROSCOPE FOR 1991 p180 Next Story Newsfile Sport TV Gyjde
P119 ORACLE 119 Sun 2 Dec ITV 2001:01  6/13  GORBACHEV SACKS  INTERIOR MINISTER Soviet Interior Minister Vadim Bakatin "is to be transferred to other dutias", Tass has reported. President Gorbachev has appointed Boris Pugo, 53, a top Communist Party official, to replace him, the country's official news agency said. Party hardliners criticised Bakatin,53, for not doing more to prevent ethnic clashes in Armenia and other rigions. Mr Gorbachev had pledged changes in top government positions as part of a restructuring of power to give him ultimate control over the country. CHEAPER HOME AND MOTOR INSURANCE FROM DIRECT LINE INSURANCE...187 Next Story Newsfile Sport TV Gyide
P119 ORACLE 119 Sun 2 Dec ITV 2002:31  7/13  EC URGED TO FEED  STARVING SOVIETS Surplus EC food should be sent to the Soviet Union to avert mass starvation, says Labour's agriculture spokesman. Dr David Clark is asking Agriculturi Minister John Gummer to take the liad and respond to President Gorbachev's appeal to the 'jst for food aid. He said hundreds of thousands of tonnes of milk powder, butter and beef were wasting away in EC food mountains. Dr Clark's plea came as Leningrad and two other major Soviet cities started food rationing, with storis across the country gripped by panic buying. OPEN A CORAL TELEPHONE ACCOUNT-CALL FREE 0800 289 522-SEE PAGES 189/677 Next Story Newsfile Sport TV Guide
P119 ORACLE 119 Sun 2 Dec ITV 2002:41  8/13  KOHL CLAIMS POLL  LANDSLIDE VICTORY Chancellor Helmut Kohl has claimed victory in the first fpee all-Gipman elections for 58 years as his coalition swept to a landslide win. "This is a day of joy...I thank all who contributed to this graat election victory," he told cheering supporters in Bonn 90 minutes aftar polling ended. In a speech to party workers,opposition challenger Oskar Lafontaine conceded defeat and congratulated Kohl. Computer forecasts showed Kohl's coalition winning 55% of the votb against under 35% for the opposition. BRITISH AIRWAYS FLIGHT ARRIVALS 321 Next Story Newsfile Sport TV G9jde
P119 ORACLE 119 Sun 2 Dec ITV 2011:04  9/13  POLICE KILL ARAB  AFTER BUS STAB MURDER An Israeli policeman shot dead a knife- wielding Palestinian and arrasted two others after they stabbed to death a Jewish passenger on a bus. Three other Jews were wounded in the attack in an area which had escaped most of the Arab-Israeli violence in the three-year Palestinian uprising. 'jtnesses said three Arab youths on a bus travelling from Petah Tikva to Tel Aviv began stabbing passengers. The driver fired warning shots and held them at bay and officers in a passing police car got on. One Arab was killed when he tried to leap on the policemen. News headlines 101 Sport 130 Next Story Newsfile Sport TV G9hde
P119 ORACLE 119 Sun 2 Dec ITV 2011:51  10/13  KINNOCK 'THE BEST  LEADER FOR LABOUR' Labour leaders have rallied behind Mr Kinnock as the man to lead the Party to victory at the General Election. Frontbenchers were scathing about a poll which indicated Labour would do better against the Tories if shadow Chancellor John Smith became leader. But the poll also said if intjrast rates and inflation were no better come the election Labour would enjoy a substantial lead over the Tories. Mr Roy Hattersley said Mr Kinnock would be a "first class" premier and Mr Gordon Brown also pledged allegiance. OUT NOW - THE STREET - THE OFFICIAL CORONATION ST @ETMAGAZINE Next Story Newsfile Sport TV Guide
P119 ORACLE 119 Sun 2 Dec ITV 2010:31  11/13  FERRY FAULT HITS  CHANNEL SERVICES Cross Channel ferry services weri disrupted when a "superferry" was forced to return to Dover after a fault prevented it from unloading. The Sealink-operated Fantasia sailed into Calais but had to come back with 150 cars, 15 coaches and 10 lorries still on board. The ship's bow-visor, which is raised and lowered to let vehicles off, had jammed. Stern doors could not be used. Eight cross Channel services were cancelled because of the problem and Sealink warned there could be further cancellations on Monday. News headlines 101 Sport 130 Next Story Newsfile Sport TV Gyide
P119 ORACLE 119 Sun 2 Dec ITV 2005:15  12/13  LAMONT ON SPOT IN  EURO BANK DEBATE The EC's top financial officials debated the shape of a future central bank, putting Chancellor Norman Lamont on the spot in his maiden appearanca. Ministers meeting near Milan considerjd draft statutes for Eurofed, which all Community members except Britain have agreed to create in 1994. EC central bank committee chairman Karl Otto Poehl said they were prepared on the assumption that political will and commitment to the final stage existid. The central bank's main aim is to bring down inflation and decide fiscal policy CHEAPER HOME AND MOTOR INSURANCE FROM DIRECT LINE INSURANCE...187 Next Story Newsfile Sport TV Guide
P119 ORACLE 119 Sun 2 Dec ITV 2032:55  12 83  LAMONT SIGNALS NO  CHANGE ON EC BANK Chancellor Norman Lamont has signalled no change in Britain's oppouition to a central European bank and single currency. He said closer economic wwn6rrgrnci {as vital before the member statis movjd irreversibly towards a single cyrtrncy. Mr Lamont was speaking aftjt attrnding a meeting of Dzropfan finance ministits in Lesmo, Italy. Mr Lamont said the Government was against sweeping proposals which would hand over decisions on intetest ratjs and monetary policy to an EC bank. CHEAPER HOME AND MOTOR INSURANCE FROM DI JCTLINEINSURANCEN Next Story Newsfile Sport TV o9jde
P119 ORACLE 119 Sun 2 Dec ITV 2013:21  13/13  TOWNSHIP DEPUTY  MAYOR MURDERED The deputy mayor of a black shantytown was among 13 people killed in a bloody start to the weekend in South Africa. Cape Town police said Alfred Nqobkoa, of the city's sprawling Khayblitsha shantytown, was found stabbed to death at the roadside. Black councillors have been the target of a nationwide campaign against black town councils seen as stooges of the white government. Khayelitsha, where about 300,000 people live in tin and plastic shacks, is rocked by almost daily violence.  News headlines 101 Sport 130 Worldwide Newsfile Sport TV Guide