P105 ORACLE 105 Sun 2 Dec ITV 2001:10  2/2  FIRST JOURNALIST IN  SPACE 'JTH SOVIETS A Soviet spacecraft carrying a Japanese journalist in its crew has blastid off from Central Asia. TV reporter Toyehiro Akiyama, 48, became the first journalist and the first Japanese national to go into space. The Soyuz TM-11 craft, with a two-man Soviet crew, is heading for the Mir orbiting space station. The launch, in perfect weather from the Baikonur space centre, was the eighth mission to the orbiting complex, which has been in operation since February 86 >>>>>  News headlines 101 Sport 130 Next Story Newsfile Sport TV Gyide
P105 ORACLE 105 Sun 2 Dec ITV 2000:00  1/2  SHUTTLE ASTRONAUTS  TURN ON TELESCOPES The crew of US space shuttle Columbia aimed a cluster of telescopes into deep space soon after lift-off from Kennedy Space Centre at Cape Canaveral, Florida The seven astronauts, in two taams, ara on a 10-day mission to find out more about galaxies, supernovas and the outer planets of the solar systam. They are warming up three ultraviolet, and one x-ray, telescopes for Monday's scheduled start of round-the-clock celestial observations. The shuttle shot from its launch pad after a brief delay because of weather. WORLD'JDE TRAVEL BARGAINS page 373 Next Story Newsfile Sport TV Guide