P102 ORACLE 102 Sun 2 Dec ITV 2001:10  2/2  FIFTY-FIFTY CHANCE  OF GULF WAR — SADDAM President Saddam thinks the chance of war in the Gulf is "fifty-fifty". He told French TV that the outcome would depend on whether the dialogue offered by President Bush was genuine or simply "a formal exhibition". If it was merely to placate Congress and satisfy American public opinion then "we are closer to war", he said. It would not serve peace if the only idea of sending envoys was to salve consciences and to allow the US to say: "There, we tried to talk to Iraq." See also p103 & p104 >>>>>  News headlines 101 Sport 130 Next Story Newsfile Sport TV Gyide
P102 ORACLE 102 Sun 2 Dec ITV 2000:13  1/2  BAKER PLEDGES NO  IRAQ NEGOTIATIONS US Secretary of State James Baker has pledged there will be no negotiations with President Saddam over the Gulf. But he said if he complied fully with UN resolutions "his reward for that would not be a military attack by the United States". Mr Baker is due to travel to Iraq to meet Saddam but he has "no idea" when the meeting, to discuss a UN ultimatum to get out of Kuwait, will take place.  Yemen said it was offered inducements by superpowers to abstain in the UN force vote, but did not elaborate. >>>> NEED A FAST PERSONAL LOAN? see p195 Next Story Newsfile Sport TV Gyide