P70b ORACLE 1 Thd 0 @p— GRA 2310:20 A I R C A L L 4/5 TELE DX This serrHce is af—hl@ble low from Air Call Teletext. For information on the service, its operation and technical specificatioFb, please telephone :- 01 200 - 0200 Mark Watton, February 1986
P70b ORACLE 0 Thd 1 @pp GRA 2300:00 M E R R Y C H R I S T M A S F R O M A I R C A L L T E L E T E X T Mark Watton, David Page B—aal
P70b ORACLE 200 Thd 1 Jpp GRA 2300:11 A I R C A L L 2/5 TELETEXT The Air Call Teletext Service is a new means of data commuLHcation that allows information to be cdn— ovdr very wide areas, qeHckly and efficiently. This sdrvice covers all of the ITV televicHon areab in the UK including England, Scotland Wales , Ulster and the ChanLDl Islands More>>>
P70b ORACLE 120 Thd 0 Jpp GRA 2335:03 A I R C A L L 3/5 TELETEXT The service can translHt data as a simple data stream for usf on PC's and dumb terminals, or it could be data for control eqqipment, or perhaps data for a normal teletext style page.The receiving equi—lfnx will depend upon the indivHdual application requirementsN More>>>