P238 ORACLE 238 Sun28 Dec GRA 2321:10  2/6          Competition (con); For the runner-up there's a copy of the AA's "Hotels And Restaurants in Britain (1987)" (£9.95) which includes £10 worth of money-off vouchers. Coming up are 10 questions concerNHng places of interest in your region. Some are easy M some may need some research! When you've all the answers send them, on POSTCARDS only to: Day Out Christmas Quiz, Oracle, 25-32 Marshall Street, London W1V 1LL, to arrive no later than January 12. First all-correct card out of the hat wins! contindds >  What's On Index 230
P238 ORACLE 238 Sun28 Dec GRA 2321:10  3/6          Granada Festive Qthz: 1) This quaint Lancashire village features a ruined St Patrick's Chapel with unique stone-cut gravesN It's also the place to sample nettle beer! Name the village. 2) The family home of the Bromley- Davenport family is set in picturec—ue gardens with a chain of lakes and a memorable "Milk Wood Walk". Name hall and place. more follows > Events Index...230 Barclaycard Theatre Guide 231
P238 ORACLE 238 Sun28 Dec GRA 2321:11  4/6          Granada Festive Quiz (con): 3) Around eight million visitors come here each year to see 375,000 lamps and 50 miles of festoon strip, which makes for the largest electricity bill in the world! Name the town and event. 4) On Lytham Green is to be found Lytham St Annes' most famous landmark. What is it and when was it built? 5) The history of glassmaking, from Phoenician times to the present day, can be uncovered in St Helens...but where? more follows > Events Index...230
P238 ORACLE 238 Sun28 Dec GRA 2320:00  1/6          Throughout the year "Day Out" has featured places to see in your area - now it's time to test your knowledge! In this special festive competition YOU can win this bumper "Day Out" package8 * £50 worth of travel on National Express coaches! Use when and where you like for the perfect "Day Out"! * THREE excellent Penguin books National Trust Manual Of Housekeeping" (£6.95) and the intricately detailed "Buildings Of England" (£11.95). more > What's On Index 230
P238 ORACLE 238 Sun28 Dec GRA 2320:01  5/6          Granada Festive Quiz (con): 6) Amid the remains of the 12th Century stronghold you can see the second smallest Norman Keep in Britain, plus enjoy excellent views across the Ribble Valley. Name the place. 7) This living, working museum houses the largest collection of historic canal craft in Europe. Where is it? 8) This model industrial village was built by Viscount Leverhulme in the 19th Century for the workers at his soapworks. Name it. more follows > Events Index...230
P238 ORACLE 238 Sun28 Dec GRA 2320:11  6/6          Granada Festive Quiz (con): 9) Which Cheshire town was known as "Deva" when it was the fortress of the Roman 20th legion? 10) If you walk the ramparts of Agricola's Roman Fort, pass through the world's earliest railway booking hall and take a ride on a working steam locomotive...where are you? competition details > Events Index...230 Oracle Classified Advertising 490