P228 ORACLE 228 Sun28 Dec GRA 2321:11    12.15   GRANADA  BUCK ROGERS IN THE 25th CENTURY: THE AWAKENING (TVM 1979) Gil Gerard, Erin Gray This lively science fiction swash— buckler was the pilot for the TV series. Gil Gerard plays it enjoyably tongue—in-cheek as the astronaut who is unluckily frozen during a space flight in 1987, to wake up well out of his time in the 25th century and caught up in all kinds of interplanetary skullduggery and derring-do. Pamela Hensley makes a very enjoyable villainess, well abetted by the ever sinister Henry Silva and the Jalds Bondish direction is in the hands of Daniel Haller. Excellent family fun. (Alan Frank) Animalympics follows > TV Plus...220 What's On...230
P228 ORACLE 228 Sun28 Dec GRA 2320:00    09.35   GRANADA  ANIMALYMPICS (1979) With the voices of Billy Crystal, Gilda Radner Nothing if not timely, this full-length cartoon caper should provide easy-going entertainment for children. It follows the comic adventures of the beasts as they stage the first Animal Olympics in 1980, covered, of course, by Z.O.ON TV. Crystal, star of 'Soap', is among the humans supplying the voices, the disco score is by Graham Gouldman of 10cc and the film was co-written and directed by Steven Lisberger, who went on to make 'Tron' for the Disney studios in 1982. (Alan Frank) Buck Rogers In The 25th Century > TV Plus...220 What's On...230