P225 ORACLE 225 Sun28 Dec GRA 2321:01  2/3      EMMERDALE FARM Thursday, December 18th It's the day of the nativity play at the village church and, watching from the background is that strange youth again. Meanwhile Amos gives Mr Wilks his Christmas present - a giant hatstand the shape of a bear! Matt, Jack and Joe catch the youth snooping round the farm. They bring him back to the farmhouse and, after refusing to say anything, suddenly mentions the n—lf Richard Roper and tells Dolly he is, in fact, her son... TV Plus ...220 Kids ...226
P225 ORACLE 225 Sun28 Dec GRA 2320:10  1/3      CORONATION STREET Christmas Eve Maggy Redfern calls on Mike Baldwin and demands his assurance he won't interfere with Mark again. Mike is annoyed but his mood changes when Susan tells him she'll have a baby as long as she can continue with her Hopscotch bushness. Rita gives Martin Platt her seal of approval by leaving him alone with Jenny Bradley. Gail Tilsley offers to let Nicky spend Christmas with Brian. The Rovers' Christmas cabaret doesn't turn up, so the regulars entertain themselves - and WIN £1000 FROM LOOK AGAIN - 194
P225 ORACLE 225 Sun28 Dec GRA 2320:00  3/3      CROSSROADS: New Year's Eve Nicola is working on New Year's Eve. Diane tries to make herself some decent food, but Benny catches her. Jill saves the day by sending round some quiche. Charlie finds himself locked out of his chalet, so he spends the night in the staff room. While he is asleep, Barry and Paul pinch his trousers! To his horror, Jill is the one to wake him. One of the papers carries an item on the problems at MIH an Nicola wonders who told them. Sir William Mobray tells her it is too late to think of a management buyout. TV Plus Index...220 Kids TV...226