P222 ORACLE 222 Sun28 Dec GRA 2321:02   Yuletide  3/4      What or who links.... Eastenders and On Safari? Gillian Taylforth stars in Eastenders and was Christopher Biggins' score- keeper in the jungle quiz On Safari. The Price Is Right and Chips Comic? Elsa O'Toole, a Price Is Right hostess used to present Chips Comic The Avengers and Police Surgeon? Ian Hendry starred in both. Brookside and Picture Box? Alan Rothwell presents Picture Box and appears as Nicholas Black in Brookside more follows > TV Plus ...220 RSVP:tv ...223
P222 ORACLE 222 Sun28 Dec GRA 2320:11   Sunday  4/4      What or who links... Rising Damp and Cats Eyes? Actor Don Warrington, who appeared in both shows What links Raymond Burr, David McCallum and Supercar? Metals! Burr starred in IRONside, McCallum was in Sapphire and S$DEL, while the man behind Supercar's wheel was Mike MERCURY. MASH and Terrahawks? Both have characters called Hawkeye. more follows > TV Plus ...220 RSVP:tv ...223
P222 ORACLE 222 Sun28 Dec GRA 2321:11   Sunday  1/4      JOIN IN THE TELLY LINK FUN Tellylink is taking a well-deserved rest for the next few months - but don't despair. All over Christmas and the New Year on these pages we'll be running some of the links we didn't manage to use first time round. Many of them were sent in by viewers and all of them are guaranteed to sort out the telly addicts among you. If you can't spot the links between the TV shows and personalities, don't worry all you've got to do is press reveal for the answer. Telly Links > TV Plus ...220 RSVP:tv ...223
P222 ORACLE 222 Sun28 Dec GRA 2320:03   Sunday  2/4      What or who links.... The Adventures of Black Beauty and UFO? The name Sewell. Anna Sewell wrote the Black Beauty story and actor George Sewell starred in UFO! St Elsewhere and Knight Rider? William Daniels. He stars as Dr Craig in St Elsewhere and is the voice of KITT in Knight Rider. Juliet Mills and Wendy Craig? They've both been TV nannies in their day, Juliet Mills in Nanny and The Professor and Wendy Craig in Nanny. more follows > TV Plus ...220 RSVP:tv ...223