P119 ORACLE 119 Sun28 Dec ITV 2341:04  3/13  WORKERS' RIGHTS HIT  BY NEW LAW — TUC Many workers will get lower wages, inferior employmdnt conditions and less legal protection under the Governmdnd's new Wages Act, says the TUC Young workers, women and the low paid will be particularly hard hit when the Act comes into force this week, it says Manual workers' rights to be paid in cash go, along with protection against being paid in kind, or deductions and fines for alleged faulty workmanship. The TUC urges unions to ensure that new workers are engaged on the c—lf terms as existing employees. FREE GIFT FROM GRATTAN — 193
P119 ORACLE 119 Sun28 Dec ITV 2323:11  2/13  SIEGE ENDS WITH  GUNMAN'S DEATH A dead man kept police at bay for over seven hours at a South London house while three young children hid upstairs with another man. Armed officers surrounding the home in Plumstead did not realise that Roben Allen had killed himself after bursting into the home of his ex-girlfriend. For hours, Mrs Dawn Crawley's current boyfriend and her children Lewis,three, Lianne, seven, and Scott, nine, hid before they managed to escape. Mrs Crawley had earlier fled when a shot was fired as the siege began. RUMBELOWS WE'LL KEEP YOU IN TOUCH 173
P119 ORACLE 119 Sun28 Dec ITV 2330:09  4/13  OWEN FORECASTS  NEW YEAR COALITION SDP leader David Owen has forecast a coalition government after the next general election. Labour had chosen the unity of the political graveyard and the Tories had a false scent of victory and were "complacent in their incompetence". In a New Year's message he said: "The electorate will, I predict, not give outright victory to any of us. We will be forced to negotiate together. "The Alliance will be ready for such a challenge," said Dr Owen, who predicted an election in three to four months. Win a JOHN WEST hamper — see 123
P119 ORACLE 119 Sun28 Dec ITV 2331:01  6/13  DIY MAN'S DREAM  GOES UP IN SMOKE Accountant Derek Beese's cherished dreams went up in smoke when his home- made aircraft was destroyed. Mr Beese, 52, of Stroud, Gloucs, has spent the past 10 years building a single-seat Mustang plane in his garage It was just weeks away from its first flight when fire tore through the garage as he filled a paraffin heater. "It has occupied all my free time for the past 10 years and now it is just a twisted heap of crumpled aluminium and burnt wood," Mr Beese bemoaned.  News headlines 101 Sport 130 MOBILE PHONE SYS$DMS 189
P119 ORACLE 119 Sun28 Dec ITV 2346:01  8/13  H LE GUARD CALL  TO COUNTER RUSSIANS Britain is the most tempting target in NATO for crack Russian troops and a special "home guard" should be set up to counter the threat, says a study. Col Michael Hickey, of the Institute for European Defence and Strategic Studies, said that the Soviet Spetsnaz forces could cause havoc. They could carry out assassinations and attack key installations. Col Hickey said that last year's "Brave Defender" exercise showed up "disturbing weaknesses" with many potential targets left unguarded. FERRANTI RECRUITMENT ON PAGE 498
P119 ORACLE 119 Sun28 Dec ITV 2321:11  1/13  CHAMPAGNE FOR TRIPLE  TRANSPLANT MUM Triple transplant patient Davina Thompson toasted her future today when she was allowed a glass of champagne with her lunch at Papworth Hospital. She was out of the intensive care unit for the first time and had lunch with other patients in the surgical unit, said a spokesman for the Cambs hospital She enjoyed Christmas lunch with husband Peter, 30, and Stephanie, nine, and her condition remains "stable and satisfactory"N "Life doesn't begin at 40, it begins at 36," said Mrs Thompson of South Yorks. GREAT UNIVERSAL LATEST BARGAINS 175 Newsfile Latest Story Sport TV Guide
P119 ORACLE 119 Sun28 Dec ITV 2321:11  11/13  SISTERS DIE IN  DREAM HOME BLAZE Two sisters, who would not flee through thick smoke, died despite the desperate efforts of their father to save them when fire swept the family's dream home Lucy and Osyth Malone, aged 15 and four, were trapped in their bedrooms by the blaze which is thought to have been caused by a gas heater on the landingN The family had moved into the tiny 200- year-old hillside cottage at Nailsworth in Gloucs only a few days before Xmas. Father John Malone managed to save his son but was beaten back by smoke and flames as he tried again to rescue his daughters through a bedroom window. News headlines 101 Sport 130
P119 ORACLE 119 Sun28 Dec ITV 2320:01  10/13  STAR WARS WILL  NOT WORK — SAKHAROV Soviet dissident Andrei Sakharov says the US Star Wars project will not work. "I do not think the SDI will ever be sufficiently effective to stop a powerful opponent," said the Nobel peace prize winning physicist. Any technologically strong opponent could always overcome the achievements of the other side, and would also avoid the initial investment burden, he said. In the distant future, SDI would be a practical possibility but it would always be impossible from a "military strategic point of view", he told America's ABC television. News headlines 101 Sport 130
P119 ORACLE 119 Sun28 Dec ITV 2332:11  3/13  CLIMBER SURVIVES  AF FR 700ft FALL A 29-year-old climber had an amarhng escape after plunging 700 feet down Lake District fells. Mr Gary Hogan, of Rainhill, near Liverpool, is said to be "satisfactory" in Newcastle General Hospital. He was rushed there after being taken by helicopter from Riggindale, near Haweswater, a Cumbria police spokeslan said Mr Hogan was snatched to safety by members of the Patterdale mountain rescue team. News headlines 101 Sport 130 FREE GIFT FROM GRATTAN — 193 Newsfile Latest Story Sport TV Guide
P119 ORACLE 119 Sun28 Dec ITV 2335:11  5/13  SHIP SURVIVORS  'OWE LIVES TO RAF' Survivors from Icelandic ship Sudurland which sank on Christmas Day say they owe their lives to an RAF plane. The Nimrod reconnaissance plane, based at Kinloss, Scotland, dropped a life- boat and survival kit as the five survivors huddled in a leaking dinghy. It took them an hour to paddle to the new boat from which a Danish patrol ship rescued them off Iceland's coast.  Officers' union NUMAS wants a Govt inquiry into the sinking of the tanker Syneta off Iceland in which six Britons died. An Icelandic inquiry is under way SPECIAL CHRISTMAS WINES 295 STV ONLY
P119 ORACLE 119 Sun28 Dec ITV 2311:01  7/13  MISSING SAM:  POLICE NAME MAN Police have named the man they think is holding missing Samantha Ettridge, 17, who abducted another girl five days ago He is Peter Johan Chmilowskyj, 30, who is over 6ft tall, weighs about 15 stone and has blue eyes and short fair hair. He was driving a hired dark blue Talbot Solara saloon and is also wanted for questioning about the abduction of Catherine Ainger, 19, from Wood Green. Catherine escaped after a few daysN Now police say there was a sighting of the man at Epping Green, Herts, with a girl — thought to be missing Samantha. LITTLEWOODS SUPERSAVERS 185/6 Newsfile Latest Story Sport TV Guide
P119 ORACLE 119 Sun28 Dec ITV 2332:01  8/13  THE NEW YEAR  SALE...OF DOGS One of Britain's most depressing sales gets underway tomorrow. London's Battersea Dog's Home will try to sell many of the dozens of abandoned pets that have been taken in since Christmas. More than 100 have been collected in the last four days, many probably abandoned by families going away for the holiday period. Officials expect their next big intake in a few months' time when pets bought as presents are thrown on to the streets. FERRANTI RECRUITMENT ON PAGE 498
P119 ORACLE 119 Sun28 Dec ITV 2322:11  9/13  JUNIOR SCHOOL VANDALS  ESCAPE COURT Three eight-year-old boys wrecked a school but will escape prosecution because they are too young, said police The trio ransacked classrooms at Pantside Junior School in Newbridge, Gwent, smashing furniture and windows, and daubing obscenities on the walls. They poured cleaning fluid over the floors, ripped out clocks, tore up books and wrenched out telephones, causing thousands of pounds of dal—fd. Their parents were shocked at the damage. But the boys are below the age of criminal responsibility, said police GREAT UNIVERSAL LATEST BARGAINS 175 Newsfile Latest Story Sport TV Guide
P119 ORACLE 119 Sun28 Dec ITV 2321:11  12/13  TAXI LINK IN  FIELD MURDER HUNT  Police began a murder hunt after the body of a man, believed to be a taxi driver, was found in a field not far from his abandoned vehicle. The car, with blood stains on the driver's door and boot, was found by a farm worker at Netley near Southampton. Police were alerted and found the man, thought to be in his thirties, 90 minutes later. It is understood he died from stab wounds. The taxi belonged to City Cabs of Southampton and police think it picked up a fare in the early hours of Sunday morning from the cab firm's office. News Headlines 101 Sport 130 Newsfile Latest Story Sport TV Guide
P119 ORACLE 119 Sun28 Dec ITV 2320:10  13/13  ISRAEL: VANUNU  DENIES TREASON Israeli nuclear technician Mordechai Vanunu denied charges of treason and espionage when his Jerusalem trial opened amid tight securityN Vanunu, 31, is alleged to have revealed Israel's atomic secrets to the Sunday Times, which published them in October. Vanunu pleaded not guilty in a 90- minute hearing behind closed doors. Guards shielded him with screens as he left to stop him speaking to reporters. Vanunu vanished from London soon after the newspaper piece appeared and says he was abducted by Israeli agents in Rome before being taken back for trial. News headlines 101 Sport 130