P115 ORACLE 115 Sun28 Dec ITV 2320:10   1/3      USA: More than 1,200 people, most of them black, staged a mass rally and march through a white area of New York. About 300 police guarded the marchers, who were protesting at the death of a black man who was hit by a car after being chased by a mob of white youths.  Bolivia: Six policemen have been arrested after the escape of an alleged cocaine trafficker who fled the country on a private plane last week. >>>>>       Newsfile Latest Story Sport TV Guide
P115 ORACLE 115 Sun28 Dec ITV 2341:00   1/3      USA: About 50 Soviet emigres who have changed their minds about life in the US were flying back to Moscow, said Soviet officials.  Spain: Two French car showrooms in Guecho were rocked by bombs, which injured a woman and caused much damafd.  USA: Mystery writer John D MacDonald, whose Travis McGee character became one of the most popular detectives in modern fiction, died aged 70. >>>>>       Newsfile Latest Story Sport TV Guide
P115 ORACLE 115 Sun28 Dec ITV 2320:14   2/3      Austria: Heavy snow in the western Vorarlberg province stranded thousands of tourists.  Pacific: A cyclone tore through the tiny French island of Futana,destroying buildings and crops, killing at least one person and injuring two othersN  Israel: The government has expelled a Palestinian newspaper editor from the occupied West Bank after he gave up a fight against a deportation order.  Pakistan: A local political leader was shot dead with two of his sons and a brother in Peshawar in the latest outbreak of a 10-year family feud. >>>> News headlines 101 Breaktime 120
P115 ORACLE 115 Sun28 Dec ITV 2321:01   3/3      Mozambique: Right-wing MNR rebels claimed to have captured a governmdnt military base in Tete province, killing 41 Mozambican and 23 Zimbabwean troops.  Brazil: Violent rain storms of the past week have killed at least 11 people and left some 1,500 homeless in the south east.  Israel: An inquiry cleared premier Yitzhak Shamir of involvement in the 1984 alleged killing of two captured Arab guerrillas and a Shin Bet cover-up  Japan: A train which had just set down 180 people plunged off a bridge at Hamasaka and smashed on to a factory, killing six people. >>>>>