P348 ORACLE 348 Tue22 Nov ITV 2000:03   1/2     by Neil Churchman Wednesday RAT ON SKIS TVam bosses aiming for new peak ratings are sending Roland Rat down a slippery slope. The megastar rodent, whose widespread appeal brought a little sunshine to TVam's Summer holiday ratings, is off to Switzerland tomorrow with a film crew to record a series of Christmas shows from the ski slopes in Zermatt. "Roland reckons he's a pretty good skier," said a TVam spokesman."We all hope so - we can't have out superstar breaking a leg!"  Believable bricks >
P348 ORACLE 348 Tue22 Nov ITV 2001:01   1/2     by Neil Churchman Wednesday BELIEVABLE BRICKS! No expense was spared to make Central TV's tale of British brickies abroad "Auf Wiedersehen, Pet" look real. First they made a 1\-acre building site specially for the 13-episode series at Elstree Studios, next they sent all the main actors on a fortnight's course in bricklaying, then they imported four German wooden huts, a German portable loo and several tons of real German building materials. "Believe me,there's a lot of difference between an English brick and a German brick" says producer, Martin McKeand.  Rat on Skis >
P348 ORACLE 348 Tue22 Nov ITV 2010:00   FOR STV     HEROIN Part III 10.30pm What are the authorities doing to curb the spread of heroin abuse in Britain's cities. Tonight's film - the final part of a revealing and upsetting documentary highlighting the plight of heroin add- icts in two run-down Edinburgh housing estates - sees what the police are doing to stop the dealers. Worried parents fear their children are not getting enough protection from local councils or the Government.  Reilly-Ace of Spies > British airways... British airways FLIGHT INFORMATION........page 176
P348 ORACLE 348 Tue22 Nov ITV 2001:01    CROSSROADS  WEDNESDAY Nov 9th Denise reveals to Sharon that her boy- friend has asked her to choose between him and Nina. He has warned he will leave her unless she puts Nina in a home. Meanhwhile Glenda has been doing some detective work on John Latchford's past. She finds some betting slips and concludes that he must be an inveterate gambler! Alsion calls on Sharon to ask her to help raise funds for a home for the handicapped. Adam tells Gill about his plans to sget more power at the hotel - he even joins the golf club!  Coronation Street follows >
P348 ORACLE 348 Tue22 Nov ITV 2000:02     CROSSROADS  TUESDAY Nov 8th Adam and Gill are setlling down to married life - but it's not so blissful when he has to work on his first night back at the motel. Doris visits Kath Brownlow and tells her how Tom Logan died - and she warns Kath that gossips are talking about her relationship with John Latchford. Sharon is upset that she will never see Nina again - even though Denise visits her at the garage with a box of chocs from her and Nina.  Coronation Street follows >
P348 ORACLE 348 Tue22 Nov ITV 2000:00     CROSS OADS  THURSDAY Nov 10th Staff at the motel buy Glenda and Kevin a carry cot. But Glenda can't keep her mind off her mother's relationship with John Latchford. Latchford makes the mistake of buying them a present too, but Glenda refuses to accept it. Kevin tells him he'll win her round to accepting the gift - but when John tries to talk to her she attacks him! Doris is learning about rejection as well. David Hunter can't help her with a job and Benny tells her that they can't buy a house together because he's given the money away.  Coronation Street follows >
P348 ORACLE 348 Tue22 Nov ITV 2020:02   2/2     REILLY - ACE OF SPIES 8.00pm Reilly indulges in some deadly double dealing - and another bigamous marriage in tonight's, penultimate, episode. He swears revenge when his best friend Boris Savinkov dies in a Russian prison - meanwhile he must convince the West that their faith in "The Trust" is ill-placed. Crossing the Russian-Finnish border to meet Trust leaders he doublecrosses them into destroying their own organ- isation.  Heroin > For details of bargain price train travel see BRITISH RAIL Index p125