P319 ORACLE 319 Tue22 Nov ITV 2010:11  2/4    MORE ABOUT MAX RSVPtv has been flooded with letters about the new host of Family Fortunes, Max Bygraves. The camps seem to be divided equally between those who say he's right for the job and those who don't. Sue Bare of Stockton, Cleveland says: "Now that Max Bygraves is compereing the show, I really can't watch it without feeling sick. Max is OK in small doses and it seems he'll never get it right. I don't think the cont- estants feel at ease either. Bruce Forsyth would be better at it." by Neil Churchman more follows >  More about Max >
P319 ORACLE 319 Tue22 Nov ITV 2001:00  3/4    MORE ABOUT MAX Well we've heard from the anti-Max By- graves lobby: now an appreciative letter from Miss A. Jackson of Lough- borough. "I'm thoroughly enjoying Max Bygraves as host, long may he continue in Family Fortunes as he is now. "I like to remember the hearty, natural laughter of Max Bygraves and contest- ants after the replies to that question "Name a famous Irishman"! by Neil Churchman more follows >  Brass is Back >
P319 ORACLE 319 Tue22 Nov ITV 2000:11  1/4    WELCOME TO RSVPtv RSVPtv is your page on ORACLE. Write in and tell what you love and hate about the programmes and people on ITV. We'll be trying to get answers to your complaints, praise and queries from those in the know. Every week on RSVPtv we'll print the best letters and investigate the most interesting ones. Write to RSVPtv, ORACLE, 25-32 Marshall Street, London W1V 1LL. by Neil Churchman  More about Max >
P319 ORACLE 319 Tue22 Nov ITV 2001:01  4/4    BRASS IS BACK Good news and bad for Miss M.Blackbird of Houghton-Le-Spring, Tyne and Wear. "I wonder if you could tell me when the comedy series "Brass" will be shown again?" she asks. A new series has been made and will be shown sometime next year - though we're sure exactly when it will be at the moment. Unfortunately, in answer to your second query, there are no plans for another series of "Flambards", I'm afraid. by Neil Churchman more follows > Like what you see? Tell RSVPtv..319