P316 ORACLE 316 Tue22 Nov ITV 2000:10     CROSSROADS  THURSDAY Nov 17th Sharon and Benny pick Nina up from school. Sharon tells Diane she is seriously thinking on looking after Nina permanently - although Diane tries to warn her against the move. When Sharon approaches Denise with the idea she seems willing to let Nina go - her boyfriend has given her an ultimat- um. Either Nina goes or he does. Meanwhile Adam, who is trying to join the local golf club, has dinner with club secretary Daphne Phillpots. Gill teases him about the dinner date.  Coronation Street follows > FERGUSON - SEEING'S BELIEVING - 130
P316 ORACLE 316 Tue22 Nov ITV 2001:10 ADVERTISEMENT Story So Far follows >>           SEE TELEDATA MAGAZINE TELEDATA MAGAZINE IS A MAJOR NEW DAILY PUBLICATION ON ORACLE PAGE 567 TO FIND OUT MORE
P316 ORACLE 316 Tue22 Nov ITV 2000:10  2/2   CORONATION STREET MONDAY 21st NOV Marion and Eddy Yeats return happily from their honeymoon and Elsie Tanner has to break the news that Marion's mother has had a stroke and is in hospital. On the eve of publication of the Recorder there are more complaints about the Graffitti Club and Ken Barlow worries about residents reaction to his article containing exaggerated complaints rather than criticism. Des Foster and Bet Lynch go out on a on a platonic date. "Fate has thrown us together so lets relax and enjoy!" says Des. Crossroads follows >