P315 ORACLE 315 Tue22 Nov ITV 2000:11   3/3     by Neil Churchman Tuesday FUNNY SITUATIONS QUIZ Thanks to everyone who entered our competition, virtually all of you got it right - it's just a pity only one person can win! So it's congratulations to Miss W. Smyth, of Sudden in Rochdale whose card was pulled out of the hat first. You'll be receiving a superb SONY WATCHMAN mini TV shortly.  CHATTERBOX has got some great comp- etitions lined up over the next few weeks - so keep watching!  Odd tales from ITN >
P315 ORACLE 315 Tue22 Nov ITV 2001:03   1/3     by Neil Churchman Tuesday AND FINALLY....... Why has ITN newscaster Martyn Lewis been up to his neck in old News at Ten tapes recently? He's helping to compile a special show featuring the wierd and wonderful News at Ten tailpieces - introduced each night with the magic words "And finally..." "My favourite is the waterskiing squirrel - but who can forget the fly- ing wheelbarrow or the tortoise who had his amputated leg replaced with a wheel!" Martin told Chatterbox.  And Finally.. >
P315 ORACLE 315 Tue22 Nov ITV 2010:01   2/3     by Neil Churchman Tuesday AND FINALLY..... Some of ITN's most bizarre news items are getting a programme of their own. ITN's Martyn Lewis is producing the show - which will be called, of course, "And finally..." It's due to be screen- ed over the New Year holiday. "There seem to have been more of them this year, I don't know why!" explained newscaster Martin Lewis. "They tend to stick in the imagination because they are so unusual - like the fattest cat in the world that has to be carried around in a wheelbarrow!"  Who won a SONY WATCHMAN? >