P199 ORACLE 199 Tue22 Nov ITV 2013:03  7/13  UNIONISTS ANGRY  AF FRPRIORMEETING Northern Ireland Secretary N—lds Prior has failed to satisfy demands by angry Ulster Unionists for greater security. These included interning Sinn Fein MP Gerry Adams and all those advocating violence in the Province. The meeting at Stormont did not even touch on the Unionists' boycott of the Northern Ireland Assembly in the wake of the South Armagh church killings. Terrorist Dominic McGlinchey is the prime suspect and East Belfast MP Peter Robinson said earlier he should be shot Mr Prior has moved more troops to the border following the killings
P199 ORACLE 199 Tue22 Nov ITV 2011:03  3/13  FRAGILE CEASEFIRE  IN TRIPOLI A fragile ceasefire appeared to be holding in Tripoli after artillery exchanges overnight and sporadic sniper fire in the city's suburbs. Aides of PLO leader Yasser Arafat said Palestinian rebels trying to oust him had made no further advances in the last 24 hours. A rebel statement issued in Damascus yesterday declared a unilateral ceasefire. Pro-Arafat forces are holding their fire, although they have not agreed to a ceasefire. RUMBELOWS SAVE YOU MONEY AND SERVE YOU RIGHT.....page 173
P199 ORACLE 199 Tue22 Nov ITV 2004:03  10/13  SALYUT BACK TONIGHT  OR TOMORROW It now looks as though the two Russian cosmonauts on board the Salyut space station will attempt to return to Earth tonight or tomorrow. They have tested the engine of their Soyuz ferry craft and reported it to be working perfectly. If they do come down tonight they will land in pitch darkness — just after midnight Moscow time. The mission has been fraught with drama. After a heavy loss of fuel left them drifting in space, fresh supplies had to be sent up. by Space Correspondent Frank Miles
P199 ORACLE 199 Tue22 Nov ITV 2010:13  4/13  IRAQI ROCKET  SINKS GREEK SHIP An Iraqi rocket has sunk a Greek merchant ship in the Gulf but all 19 crew members are safe. The ship's owners, the Stravelakis shipping company, said in Athens the vessel was hit in a rocket attack. The crew escaped in a lifeboat and were about 500yds away when the ship blew up The company spokesman said several other ships were believed to be hit. Iraq said yesterday its air force had destroyed seven "enemy" ships sailing from Iran's Kharg Island oil terminal. FOR YOUR EYES ONLY — PAGE 159 FOR CAROUSEL'S BIG MONEY SAVING FEATURE
P199 ORACLE 199 Tue22 Nov ITV 2002:03  1/13  ABBEY MORTGAGE  RA$F UNCHANGED The Abbey National Building Society has decided not to lower its mortgage interest rate from 11.25%. Abbey's "go-it-alone policy" had led to speculation it would break away from the agreed price policy of the other building societies. Inflow of cash continued to be very satisfactory and there was strong demand for mortgages, it said But Abbey said that it would be pushing at next month's Building Societies Association meeting for an early cut in mortgage rates. For details of bargain price train travel see BRITISH RAIL Index p125
P199 ORACLE 199 Tue22 Nov ITV 2049:02  1/13  SOFTLY SOFTLY  PLEDGE ON UNION REFORM Employment Secretary Tom King has promised a step-by-step approach to trade union reform rather than an all- out assault. He said the Government's Trade Union Bill would aim at ensuring "all unions meet the standards of the best". The Bill proposed secret ballots to elect union leaders and before strikes — measures which some unions had already instituted. Mr King was speaghng at the Institute of Directors' annual dinner.  For details of bargain price train travel see BRITISH RAIL Index p125
P199 ORACLE 199 Tue22 Nov ITV 2000:03  9/13  BENN TO GO FOR  CHESTERFIELD Former Bristol Labour MP Tony Benn has confirmed he is seeking nomination to fight Chesterfield for the Party. This follows renewed approaches from sections of the Party in Chesterfield who want his name put forward. Chesterfield is a Labour stronghold with firm mining connections. A shortlist of potential Labour candidates will be drawn up on January 8 with selection a week later. The present MP, Mr Eric Varley, has represented the town since 1964 but is resigning to take up a senior position in the Coalite group.
P199 ORACLE 199 Tue22 Nov ITV 2012:17  2/13  CHURCHMEN ATTACK  NUCLEAR POLICY Leading churchmen from 27 denominations have committed themselves to an anti- Government policy on nuclear weapons. The British Council of Churches assembly overwhelmingly backed a policy document calling for a nuclear freeze. The document attacks the deployment of Cruise and Pershing-II missiles and calls for the scrapping of Trident. It also calls for British nuclear weapons to be included in any arms negotiations and for a no first-use policy.  GO TO 567 FOR A MAJOR NEW FEATURE!
P199 ORACLE 199 Tue22 Nov ITV 2033:02  8/13  WALKER ATTACKS  HARDLINE POLICY Leading Cabinet wet Peter Walker has attacked the hardline monetarist theories behind Government policy. He said the Government's main aim must be a "better quality of life", not just higher production. The Energy Secretary was giving the Kennedy Memorial Lecture at the Oxford Union on the 20th anniversary of the American president's death. He praised the middle course followed by President Kennedy. Kennedy, he said, believed government should combine private initiative and public responsibility.
P199 ORACLE 199 Tue22 Nov ITV 2010:00  5/13  PRINT UNION REFUSES  TO PAY FINE Leaders of the National Graphical Association have decided not to pay a £50,000 fine imposed by the High Court. And they said a dispute with Messenger Group Newspapers would continue until six NGA members at Stockport were reinstated. Union general secretary Joe Wade warned the dispute could spread to Fleet Street and other parts of the printing industry. Mr Wade said the union had already taken steps to safeguard its funds from sequestration by the courts.  AMAZING VIDEO TAPE OFFER....XMAS BARGAIN FROM MULTIBROADCAST p145
P199 ORACLE 199 Tue22 Nov ITV 2000:00  13/13  RAPE CASE JUDGE  HITS AT 'DEAF EAR' A judge has criticised the "English habit of turning a deaf ear" after being told of a woman's 10-hour ordeal at the hands of a sex attacker. James Williams of Tiverton, Devon, was jailed at Exeter for nine years after admitting rape, kidnap, assault, aggravated burglary and theft. But Mr Justice Jupp asked why no-one had gone to the woman's aid."If someone had just done something" her ordeal might have ended earlier. Mr John Toulmin QC, prosecuting, said a neighbour had heard the attack but "thought nothing of it". Headlines 101 Newsfile 190 Sport 102
P199 ORACLE 199 Tue22 Nov ITV 2001:13  11/13  GREENPEACE TO DEFY  COURT ORDER Greenpeace protesters are planning to defy a court order banning them from interfering with a Windscale nuclear waste pipe. Their efforts to find and block up the pipe off the Cumbrian coast have been hampered by poor visibility. British Nuclear Fuels have been granted an injunction to stop what they claim is Greenpeace's "irresponsible" action. But Greenpeace said they would coninue their search tomorrow. At the weekend a 200-yard stretch of beach near the plant was contaminated by waste discharged from the pipe.
P199 ORACLE 199 Tue22 Nov ITV 2011:01  6/13  WEST GERMANY SET  TO BACK MISSILES The West German Parliament is set to approve the deployment of US nuclear missiles after a two-day debate. The first batch of Pershing-II medium- range missiles will arrive tomorrow. Defence Minister Manfred Woerner dismissed a Soviet threat to put its nuclear forces on fully-computerised alert if the Pershings were deployed. Seventy protesters were arrested near the Bonn parliament and another 46 in Berlin.  A million people have staged a five- minute strike in Denmark to protest against NATO's missile deployment plans
P199 ORACLE 199 Tue22 Nov ITV 2000:03  12/13  SEVEN DIE IN SOVIET  HIJACK GUN BATTLE Seven people died in a gun battle after a wedding party hijacked a Soviet jet. The hijackers seized the plane on an internal flight from Tbilisi to Batumi and demanded to be taken to Turkey. The shooting started when the pilot fooled the hijackers by turning back and landing at Tbilisi. Gxfwitnesses said airport guards stormed the plane. The chief pilot and two crew died in the gunfight and one of the hijackers killed himself. The remaining seven hijackers, who include members of prominent Georgian families, were arrested.