P162 ORACLE 162 Tue22 Nov ITV 2000:00  THE HOME SERVICE  2/4       SMOG THREAT FROM EUROPE Scientists have warned that our old friend smog could be making a come-back Smog is formed when sulphur and nitro- gen oxides from factory emissions mix with petrol exhausts. Sunlight then causes complex molecules to form, and these float in the air as smog. Our own Clean Air Act is partly res- ponsible - because the air is cleaner more sunlight gets through. But the factory emissions that cause smog are not ours - they are drifting over here from the Continent.  Cystic Fibrosis test > Know-how: Handy home hints is the consumer feature on p162 tomorrow.
P162 ORACLE 162 Tue22 Nov ITV 2000:10   THE HOME SERVICE  4/4       NEg HOPE FOR CANCER SUFFERERS Clinical trials are now being carried out in London's Royal Marsden Hospital into a new drug for use against cancer of the breast. Known as 4HAD, the drug has already cured mammary tumours in rats, and results with humans are looking good. Apparently, it works by blocking the production of oestrogen in the body. Oestrogen is essential for the growth of the tumour in about a third of all breast cancer cases, and if production is stopped, the tumour "starves" to death. Snow Bugs >
P162 ORACLE 162 Tue22 Nov ITV 2000:13   THE HOME SERVICE  3/4       NEW CYSTIC FIB OSISTEST About 300 people a year are found to be suffering from the genetic defect known as cystic fibrosis. It's a change in the mucous membranes lining parts of the body and leads to lung congestion and malabsorption of food. Almost all sufferers die in their late teens, but until now there has been no way of screening for it. Now a test has been developed involving withdrawing some of the fluid around an unborn baby. Full clinical trials have yet to be carried out, but experiments have so far detected nine out of ten carriers of the defective gene. New Cancer Drug >
P162 ORACLE 162 Tue22 Nov ITV 2010:03  THE HOME SERVICE  1/4       SNOW BUGS Winter sports resorts short of snow can now look for help from a very unlikely source - bacteria. A bug called pseudomonas has been found to make snow and ice crystals grow faster. So when it is added to the snow machines used by ski resorts to overcome the deficiencies of nature, it improves the quality of the snow. The more bugs you add, the drier and fluffier the snow. Skiers need not fear for their health though - the bugs are harmless.  The return of smog follows > For details of bargain price train travel see BRITISH RAIL Index p125