P161 ORACLE 161 Tue22 Nov ITV 2001:03  THE HOME SERVICE  1/4    TURBO MODELS RECALLED Saab GB has announced a recall campaign on 4,369 Turbo models with faulty exhaust mountings on the transmission housing which could lead to oil loss. The Turbos concerned are 99 and 900 from 1978, '79 & '80, chassis numbers: 99781000001 to the end of model year 1980 for the 99; and from 90791000001 to the end of year 1980 for the 900. Undetected oil loss could lead to transmission lock-up. To rectify the fault a special bracket needs fitting. more follows > WIN AN ORACLE SWEATSHIRT - page 191
P161 ORACLE 161 Tue22 Nov ITV 2000:00  THE HOME SERVICE  2/4    SECOND-HAND SEAT BELTS WARNING Motorists who remove seat-belts from derelict cars and re-use them could be saving pennies but not lives, warn seat-belt manufacturers Kangol Magnet. Seat belts are designed and tested for use on specific models, and are not always transferable. Furthermore, the DIY motorist could easily fit old belts at the wrong, unsafe, angle. Whilst old belts might appear to be intact, years of use can have weakened them. And as MOT tests aren't stringent enough to detect possible faults, penny-pinching motorists could, unwittingly, be driving unprotected. more follows >
P161 ORACLE 161 Tue22 Nov ITV 2000:10  THE HOME SERVICE  4/4    STOPPING THE DUTCH RUST All exports of Dutch Chrysanthemum cuttings to this country have been stopped, in an effort to stamp out the plague of White Rust which has recently threatened the British flower. The UK and Dutch Governments have agreed on a ban following an outbreak of the infection which was directly traced to Dutch cuttings. Export arrangements are now to undergo a thorough review, and will not restart until experts are satisfied that the risk is over. Turbo recall >
P161 ORACLE 161 Tue22 Nov ITV 2000:12  THE HOME SERVICE  3/4    SCREWLESS FOR THE CLUELESS If you always seem to lose one of the screws when fiddling about changing a plug, a new British-made plug could stop you blowing a fuse over it all. "The Handyplug" can be wired without tools of any kind. A dial on the back of the plug unscrews to allow the cover to slide off. Underneath are 3 terminal clips which can be snapped shut once the wires have been inserted. The new plug costs 99p, comes fitted with a 13amp fuse (it takes 3 & 5 amps, too) and is available from Woolworth. more follows >