P119 ORACLE 119 Tue22 Nov ITV 2014:01  Rest of the News — Page Nine  LONDON CABBIE CHARGED  WITH SIX MURDERS A London taxi driver has been charged with six counts of murder in Los Angeles. The charges against Ashley Paulle, 43, are linked with the disappearance of two families in Los Angeles last year. Paulle arrived in California, where he once lived, on Sunday, accompanied by a Scotland Yard detective. No trace of the missing people has been found since their disappearance. But last Friday, police said that they intended to act on the advice of a British private detective working on the case and search a nearby valley >>>
P119 ORACLE 119 Tue22 Nov ITV 2001:11  Rest of the News — Page Eight  FORCES ACT OVER  SUSPECT HELICOPTER The Army and Navy are only using their Lynx helicopters for essential flights following the grounding of the Westland 30. The Civil Aviation Authority grounded the passenger helicopter — an offshoot of the Lynx — after one crashed in the USA, injuring two people A possible design fault is now being investigated. A Defence Ministry spokesman said: "If we need to fly the Lynx we will, but the aircraft is not being used for training purposes." >>>>> GO TO 567 FOR A MAJOR NEW FEATURE!
P119 ORACLE 119 Tue22 Nov ITV 2000:10  Rest of the News — Page Seven  £4m DAMAGES IN  ARTHRITIS DRUG CASE A US jury has awarded £4m damages to a man whose 81-year-old mother died after taking an arthritis drug. Mr Clarence Borom contended that his mother, Lola Jones, died in July last year after taking the drug Oraflex for about a month. He claimed the makers failed to report deaths in Europe linked to the drug before it was approved in the US. Oraflex was withdrawn from the world market in August last year. Manufacturers Lilly and Company are to appeal against the verdict, saxhng the jury overlooked some points of the case
P119 ORACLE 119 Tue22 Nov ITV 2003:01  Rest of the News — Page Four  UK FIGHTS FOR  THREATENED REBATE Britain was today challenging a move by Euro-MPs to block a £457m Common Market rebate. The European Parliament wants to freeze the payment to Britain pending the outcome of next month's EEC summit. Britain says the Euro-MPs have no right to interfere with an agreement already reached by Mrs Thatcher. The summit in Athens is aiming to produce long-term budget reforms for the Community, including a formula to avoid the need for refunds to Britain. The rebate is earmarked for energy, transport and employment. >>>>>
P119 ORACLE 119 Tue22 Nov ITV 2011:04  Rest of the News — Page Five  PARCEL BOMB  SENT TO REAGAN A parcel bomb addressed to President Reagan has been intercepted at New York's Kennedy Airport. The shoebox-shaped parcel carried the message: "Merry Christmas. Santa. Ho Ho Ho," and had a Canadian postmark. It was about 18 inches long and nine inches high and an X-ray check showed it contained a timer and two sticks of dynalhte. A bomb disposal squad removed the parcel from the airport and made it safe. >>>>>  For details of bargain price train travel see BRITISH RAIL Index p125
P119 ORACLE 119 Tue22 Nov ITV 2010:10  Rest of the News — Page Six  USA REMEMBERS KENNEDY  20 YEARS ON Americans have been marking the 20th anniversary of President John Kennedy's assassination with memorial events led by the Kennedy family. The main tribute was a Roman Catholic mass organised by the Kennedys and broadcast live on TV networks. Guests included President Reagan but Kennedy's widow, Jackie Onassis, did not attend. She was with his 93-year- old mother Rose in Massachussetts. Senator Edward Kennedy said of his brother: "Gf miss you Jack and we always will." >>>>  AMAZING VIDEO TAPE OFFER....XMAS BARGAIN FROM MULTIB OADCAST p145
P119 ORACLE 119 Tue22 Nov ITV 2001:14  Rest of the News — Page Two  WALDORF: POLICE REPORT  GOES TO BOARD A Scotland Yard report on the three detectives involved in the shooting of Stephen Waldorf is to be sent to the Police Complaints Board this week. The report contains confidential recommendations on what action, if any, should be taken. Det Cons John Jardine and Peter Finch, both 38, were acquitted of attempting to murder and of wounding Mr Waldorf, who was shot by mistake in London. Since the shooting they have been suspended on full pay. A third officer, Det John Dean, was reinstated after an initial suspension.
P119 ORACLE 119 Tue22 Nov ITV 2000:00  Rest of the News — Page Three  GRENADA 'SPLIT' AT  NEW DELHI SUMMIT A split within the Commonwealth over the American invasion of Grenada is threatening to cause a major row at the New Delhi summit which opens tomorrow. But Commonwealth Secretary-General Sir Shridath Ramphal is determined the conference will speak with one voice over the Grenada crisis. He is making an 11th-hour bid to prevent Caribbean nations opposed to the invasion from forcing a major debate on the issue. Both he and Mrs Thatcher realise any split within the Commonwealth over the Grenada invasion would be a godsend to the Soviet Union and Cuba. >>>>>
P119 ORACLE 119 Tue22 Nov ITV 2046:02  Rest of the News — Page Ten  ABBEY MORTGAGE  RA DUNCHANGED The Abbey National Building Society has decided not to lower its mortgage interest rate from 11.25% Abbey's "go-it-alone policy had led to speculation it would break away from the agrded price policy of the other building societies Inflow of cash continued to be very satisfactory and there was strong demand for mortgages, it said. But Abbey said that it would be pushing at next month's Building Societies Association meeting for an early cut in mortgage ratesN >>>>> For details of bar'—hn price train travel see BRI$HSH RAIL Inddx p125
P119 ORACLE 119 Tue22 Nov ITV 2025:28  Rest of the News — Page One  'TWO DIE' IN BORDER  CROSSING BID Two people were reported killed and a woman injured while trying to crash through the border from East to West Germany. Border police at Helmstedt said a petrol tanker, driven at high speed, tried to crash through the concrete and steel barriers on the East German side. It was chased and fired on by East German guards and eye witnesses said they saw two dead bodies by the tanker. The reports could not be confirmed but the busy checkpoint was closed for 40 minutes after the incident. >>>>> FOR YOUR EYES ONLY — PAGE 159 FOR CAROUSEL'S BIG MONEY SAVING FEATURE